Sengoku Dynasty- How And Where To Farm Clay

In Sengoku Dynasty, each items and resources are important mostly wood or logs. Assigning a role to the villagers might decrease the load of tasks i.e. piled on. However, once you advance to the Iron Age or start building Smithy then we get a glimpse of requirements for Clay. In this guide, we have explained where you can find and farm the Clay at specific as well as general locations.

How And Where To Farm Clay At Sengoku Dynasty

Clay can be farmed or obtained from Clay Deposits that range in different sizes. You will find Small Clay Deposits near or at the side of the river streams. If you wander near the river streams specifically after crossing the bridge where we just completed the Project to build a bridge, there would be small Clay deposits clustered together which you can mine with your stone pickaxe.

Apart from that specific location, look near or around water bodies. Look for the brown soils in the grass which will be distinct in daytime. It is recommended to stack and farm Clay from the deposits as in the future there are structures or buildings that will consume this a lot. The most recent building that will require Clay would be Smithy’s Blacksmith Anvil.

Other than mining, you can get Clay from the Traders who will be found in different villages or areas. At an early stage, it will not be used much so it’s better to farm and stack it up in your personal stash because each resources are important. It will be used to install Tanning Vat later which produces leather for starters. It is a critical resource that will be used in most of the future workbenches to craft items.

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