Sengoku Dynasty- How To Build A Bucket For The Well


Sengoku Dynasty is an open-world survival crafting game where we have to gather refugees in order to grow and advance our civilization. However, the resources required to is not cheap, so you have to be engaged in collecting resources here and there on your way forth and back. To accommodate villagers, you will need to take care of the three most important things i.e. Housing, Food Production, and Water. In this post, we have explained how to get a bucket for the well to obtain water.

How To Build A Bucket For The Well In Sengoku Dynasty

To build a Well, we would need to go onto your Build Menu and select these building options:

  • Village Structures—–> Wells

Once you have built the Well, to retrieve the Water we would require a Bucket. Now buckets can be crafted under Woodcutter’s Hut. First, build a Woodcutter’s Hut and if you have it already then go inside the Hut and select these building options as mentioned below:

Production—–> Production Buildings Furniture—–> Woodcutter’s Hut Furniture—–> Woodworking Table

Now, interact with the Woodworking Table to open the crafting options where you can find the Buckets that are needed. Drop the Buckets and collect the Water. In this process, the bucket will be consumed. So, now you have more reason to chop trees or assign villagers to get a bunch of logs each season. Remember, if you advance the type of equipment such as Stone Pickaxe to Iron Pickaxe at your assigned job, then the effectiveness will also increase yielding more stack of logs.

To store the Water, you will need to build a Water Storage so that it can be consumed and depleted by every villager that includes you as well to increase happiness which thus increases productivity. For more guides on Sengoku Dynasty, we have provided the links below this description:

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