Palia Waterlogged Boot & Where To Find Them


In the expansive realm of Palia, a plethora of items beckon the players, attainable through diligent farming, skillful fishing, or triumphant quest completion. Among these intriguing possessions, the waterlogged boot stands out as a curious find, procurable by casting one’s fishing line in the vicinity of ponds or within the depths of a cave. To secure a waterlogged boot, one must cast without employing any bait. While this process appears deceptively straightforward, the pursuit of this aquatic footwear can prove maddeningly elusive.

Palia Waterlogged Boot

I embarked on an exhaustive search for this elusive boot, dedicating hours to fishing within the tranquil expanse of Mirror Ponds, the shadowy enclaves of caves, and the rippling confines of other diminutive water bodies. Alas, my endeavors yielded naught but a Waterlogged Chest. Interestingly, fellow adventurers shared tales of their own boot-seeking exploits. Some recounted tales of stumbling upon this coveted item nestled by the river behind the inn, while others spoke of discovering it at the water’s edge. The motivation driving this quest is to bestow the waterlogged boot upon Auni as a heartfelt gift, fostering a progression of camaraderie.

Waterlogged Boots
by u/Easy-Minimum6684 in Palia

Palia Tips To Find Waterlogged Boot

Here are a few ways to make finding the waterlogged boot easier and reduce your stress. When you go fishing, look at the kind of fish caught on your hook as you pull it in. If you catch a fish, don’t reel it in right away. Try moving your fishing spot to a different place instead. If you keep your fishing gear in the same spot, you’ll catch the same type of fish each time.

This trick can help a lot, especially when you’re trying to catch a certain kind of fish. Also, if you use a glow worm as bait, this strategy works well. Instead of using the glow worm for regular fish, use it this way. Check how big the fish is and what kind it is as you pull it in. If it’s not the fish you want, don’t pull it in—let it go.

Note: Rather than succumbing to excessive vexation in the relentless pursuit of the waterlogged boot, I proffer a pragmatic suggestion: allow the current of your gameplay quests and conventional fishing endeavors to carry you forward. In due course, fate shall bestow upon you the coveted boot as a testament to your enduring commitment. If you find the boot while fishing do let others know in the comments where you found them.

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