Palia Something Sweet To Give Auni Rocky Start


As you continue your unique journey through Palia, this game surely must have kept you engrossed with its abundance of quests and strategic gameplay. In your latest endeavor to contribute to the vibrant Kilima community and capture the attention of Hassian, a new and heartwarming opportunity arises.

This opportunity reveals a longing within Auni, drawing your attention to a delightful pursuit. Amidst the bustling activities and interactions, Auni’s palate craves a touch of sweetness, extending an offer of friendship to you. This delightful sub-quest is called “Something Sweet,” which is part of the larger quest, “Rocky Start.”

Palia Something Sweet To Give Auni

Sweet Leaf Location

In response to Auni’s endearing request, your task unfolds: venture forth and discover a suitable sweet or dessert item that would bring a smile to her face. Yet, be prepared for the unexpected, as Auni’s criteria for what qualifies as “something sweet” might differ from the norm. Surprisingly, a mouthwatering Sweet Berry Pie might not satisfy her desires.

Instead, an unconventional choice, such as Creamy Carrot Soup, might resonate more with her essence. You can also choose to offer something as simple as a sweet leaf, which you need to have in your inventory. The sweet leaf can be found in the Bahari Bay area, as shown in the image above.

Your diligent efforts in navigating Auni’s tastes will not go unnoticed. Upon successfully completing this quest, you will receive a Bahari Bee, a tangible emblem of your accomplishment. This remarkable item stands as a token of your progress and growth within the world of Palia. Furthermore, your relationship with Auni will significantly improve, deepening the connection you share with her.

  1. Bahari Bee x 1
  2. Enhanced Relationship with Auni

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