Palia Mystery Cargo Quest & Key To The Box Location


Embarking on the enigmatic journey of the mystery cargo quest in Palia demands a preliminary task— the completion of the “Piece Of Cake” quest, initiated by engaging in a conversation with Reth. The final leg of this preceding quest entails interaction with Reth in the store room located beneath the inn. Upon this interaction with Reth, the quest concludes, offering an additional dialogue option: “What’s in that locked box?”. Below you will find out all about the quest, locked box and where to find the key.

Palia Mystery Cargo Quest

Inquisitiveness leads players to inquire about the concealed contents of the box from Reth. The response unfurls the revelation that Zeki entrusted Reth with the safekeeping of the box’s enigmatic contents, stressing the importance of not unlocking it. Despite Reth’s hesitance to inspect the box’s contents, players are likely to remain intrigued. However, unveiling the box’s secrets requires a key, and regrettably, Reth possesses no inkling regarding the whereabouts of Zeki’s hidden key. The path to obtaining the key necessitates employing a fishing rod at the specific location indicated in the accompanying image.

Acquisition of the key paves the way for a return to the inn’s store room, where the key promptly unlocks the chest. Concealed within lies a letter, which, once perused, mandates a conversation with Zeki. This exchange with Zeki sheds light on the missive’s contents, ultimately culminating in a monetary reward that signifies the quest’s fulfillment.

Palia Key To Box Location

Although the quest appears deceptively straightforward, one pivotal factor that could potentially lead adventurers astray pertains to the elusive key. Without this essential key, the box remains impervious, rendering quest completion an unattainable feat. The search for this indispensable item might encompass a thorough exploration of Kilima Village or Bahari Bay. Nevertheless, the elusive key is concealed inconspicuously behind the tavern, nestled within the river’s confines. For precise guidance, refer to the image provided above, which illustrates the designated spot where you need to use the fishing rod and unveils the key’s location.

Fishing For Answers Quest

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