Palia Fishing For Answers & Lighthouse Keeper’s Secret Spot


Palia, a realm of diverse opportunities, offers a plethora of activities to engage in, each leading to the discovery of intriguing quests. Among these quests, one emerges from the depths of the old lighthouse—aptly named “Fishing For Answers.” This captivating expedition involves delving into the forgotten love story of two NPCs who found themselves torn apart by a disagreement. This article outlines the quest’s commencement, progression, and ultimate resolution, providing insights for players seeking to embark on this heartwarming journey in Palia.

Palia “Fishing For Answers” Quest

“Fishing for Answers” stands as a discovery quest nestled within the enchanting Bahari Bay. To initiate this quest, adventurers must first journey to the Old Lighthouse, an iconic landmark within Bahari Bay. This starting point is clearly depicted in the accompanying image above. Inside the lighthouse’s ground floor, a treasure awaits—a logbook meticulously maintained by the lighthouse keeper, Faadhil. The narrative contained within this logbook chronicles the story of Faadhil and Jabarii, whose deep affection was tragically severed by an intense argument, leading Jabarii to depart Bahari Bay aboard a ship.

The story unfolds as Faadhil, yearning for any sign of Jabarii’s whereabouts, exhausts all avenues of inquiry regarding arriving ships at Bahari Bay. Overwhelmed by uncertainty, Faadhil resorts to inscribing heartfelt messages onto parchment, sealing them within bottles, and casting them into the embrace of the sea. The quest’s initial objective entails collecting three of these poignant bottled messages and meticulously perusing the thoughts etched by Faadhil onto paper. The locations of these messages are thoughtfully indicated in the image provided above, and players can retrieve them by employing their trusty fishing rods.

Having successfully amassed all three bottled missives, the next step involves unsealing and absorbing the contents of these messages. Within these intimate letters, the clandestine whereabouts of the lighthouse keepers’ secret location is revealed—a cherished memory between Faadhil and Jabarii. The subsequent section divulges the secret location players must venture to in order to finalize the quest.

Lighthouse Keeper’s Secret Spot

As players digest the contents of the three letters, their curiosity is piqued, prompting them to seek out the enigmatic secret spot. This covert locale rests just above the cliff where the search for bottled messages commences. Ascending the precipice becomes imperative to uncovering the secret alcove—a sanctuary harboring yet another bottled message from Jabarii to Faadhil. The image provided above offers invaluable guidance in locating the secret spot and negotiating the ascent to the cliff’s zenith. Upon absorbing the poignant message penned by Jabarii to Faadhil, the quest gracefully draws to a close.

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