Baldurs Gate 3- How To Find & Add Or Recruit Minsc In Your Party

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, a turn of events will lead you and your party to multiple strangers in the world. Few would be friendly and they do have their own agenda to accompany you in order that both party gain benefits. However, Minsc is an oddball. In order to recruit him and add him to your party, you will need a specific companion in your current party, and do not let him die in the battle.

How To Add Minsc To Your Party At Baldurs Gate 3

You would require to add Jaheira to your party before attempting to add Minsc to your party or camp. Next, go to Counting House at South. We know already that at certain dialogues or conversations, your current party members interfere and have a certain say in the situations.

In “The Counting House” talk to the “Head Clerk Meadhoney“. Successfully, complete the Skill Check and move forward with the temporary Vault Pass. Enter the Vault Door and press forward as you have a puzzle to complete. Only the person who has the highest clearance only can pass through. However, luckily, there are two ways to open the Vault i.e. either to enter the code or simply short-circuit the vault door.

The Counting House- Vault Door Password

Sequentially, if you press the pad number i.e. 1-3-5-6 the vault will open (Considering 1 is at the top-left end near the vault door). Another way to enter is to simply create a water puddle and use the lightning spell. Advance forward and you will see Minsc in action. Choose to “Let Jaheira reveal herself.


Later after the battle, go inside the Vault for a successful Perception Check. As the Journal “Aid the Underduke” Quest will be updated, enter the Manhole. Advance forward and explore the Lower City Sewers. Reach the Abandoned Cistern and ahead lies a machinery that can open Sluice Gate.

Sluice Gate And Battle Preparation

Interact with both Water Valve and Temperature Valve whose value should be 2 to achieve Perfect Warmth. Before entering the Sluice Gate make sure you do not kill Minsc in the fight rather the final blow should be Non-Lethal to knock him unconscious. Toggle Non-Lethal Attacks at Passive Tab. If you kill Minsc, Jaheira will leave the party.

Select “Extend your protection to him” as Jaheira suggested. Help the Stone Lord. Follow Minsc finally, to where his companion Boo is. Then you will be able to recruit Minsc to the camp from where you can add him to your party.

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