Palia Silver Salmon, Eyeless Minnow & How To Use Fishing Rod


Palia is a life simulator game developed by Singularity 6 Corporation where players can enjoy a cozy life with their fellow villagers. There are a plethora of things to do in this game that includes foraging, mining, fishing, and much more. In fishing, there are various different types of fish that can be caught using your fishing rod. Two such fish are Silver Salmon and Eyeless Minnow. Below you will find the location and how to catch these fish.

Palia How To Catch Silver Salmon

As the sun begins its descent, a hidden paradise reveals itself beneath the tranquil waters of the river below Kilima Village as shown in the image above. From 6 PM to 9 PM, this waterway transforms into a haven for the prized Silver Salmon. No bait is needed to entice this elegant fish; all you need is your trusty fishing rod. As dusk paints the sky in hues of orange and pink, test your angling prowess and patience to reel in this shimmering aquatic gem. The challenge lies not only in catching the Silver Salmon but also in immersing yourself in the serene ambiance of the twilight river.

Palia How To Catch Eyeless Minnow

For those seeking a more mysterious catch, the Eyeless Minnow beckons from the depths of the Pavel Mines in Bahari Bay. Inside the cave, you will find a pond where you can fish to find the Eyeless Minnow. This intriguing fish, known for its lack of eyes, can also be discovered in various caves across the land. The fascinating aspect of the Eyeless Minnow is that it can be caught at any time of day, adding an element of surprise to your fishing endeavors. No bait is required; simply wield your fishing rod and prepare to unveil the secrets hidden beneath the surface.

Palia How Catch Fish

Palia’s fishing mechanics are designed to be accessible yet immersive, making it a game for all ages and skill levels. The joy of landing a Silver Salmon or the enigmatic Eyeless Minnow is a testament to the game’s dedication to realism and enjoyment. Whether you’re a seasoned virtual angler or a newbie eager to learn, Palia offers an opportunity to escape into a world of tranquil waters and bountiful catches.

To utilize your fishing rod, simply equip it and press the left mouse button to cast. Once the hook is submerged in the water, exercise patience as you await the fish’s response. Three distinctive signals will emanate before the fish becomes ensnared on the hook; following this, you should press and hold the left mouse button. Anticipate the fish’s attempts to liberate itself by swaying left and right, necessitating your adeptness in maintaining the hook within the designated bar by moving the mouse left and right. As the fishing line draws near, the fish will be successfully captured. Be vigilant in ensuring that the bar situated at the bottom of the screen does not deplete entirely; failure to do so will result in the fish’s escape.

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