Palia Fire Breathing Dragonfly How To Catch & Use Belt


Step into the enchanting world of Palia, a captivating game that invites players to embark on a unique and thrilling quest – capturing the elusive fire-breathing dragonfly. The fields of Kilima hold the key to this fascinating endeavor, where players must employ their skills and wits to capture these mesmerizing creatures.

In the virtual expanse of Palia, players find themselves surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, and it’s within the fields of Kilima that the legendary fire-breathing dragonflies make their appearance. They are distinguished by their distinct yellowish-orange hue. You can easily find this dragonfly in the Mirror Fileds.

Palia How To Catch Fire Breathing Dragonfly

To catch these remarkable dragonflies, players must equip themselves with a special item called the Belt and a unique type of ammunition – the smoke bomb. The smoke bomb plays a pivotal role in this daring venture, as it temporarily stuns the fire-breathing dragonflies upon impact, making them easier to catch. Once stunned, players can carefully pick up the dragonflies and store them in their trusty backpacks. Catching this dragonfly will also grant you some Silk thread.

Crafting these smoke bombs is a crucial aspect of the game. Players must gather specific resources – Sundrop Lily and Clay – and utilize the work table to create these essential tools. The delicate balance between resource collection, crafting, and strategic deployment of smoke bombs adds an element of strategy and planning to the gameplay, making the pursuit of the fire-breathing dragonfly a challenging and rewarding experience.

Palia Sundrop Lily & Clay Location

Sundrop Lily can be found in the open fields of Kilima Village. Clay can be obtained by mining the rocks near the coast of the island. You can find the brown color rocks that can be mined using pickaxe. Once you have the items you can craft the smoke bombs from the work table. To use the smoke bombs, make sure to have them in your inventory. Select the Belt and then right-click the mouse button to select its ammo.

Palia’s innovative gameplay mechanics and stunning visuals make the journey to catch the fire-breathing dragonfly an unforgettable adventure. With a world teeming with lush landscapes and mysterious creatures, players will be drawn into a realm where nature’s wonders and fantastical elements intertwine seamlessly.

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