Baldurs Gate 3- How To Free The Artist Quest Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, there are numerous NPCs with whom you can interact when you are exploring the nine realms and Baldur Gate. A rather scandalous artist who is captured and forced to work. There are multiple ways to react in this quest, but if you are wondering where to find Oskar in Baldurs Gate or how to progress the quest then we have a complete walkthrough compiled in this post.

How To Free The Artist Quest Walkthrough For Baldurs Gate 3

Rescue Oskar Fevras

In “Zhentarim Hideout“, you would meet an artist named, Oskar Fevras at the “Zhentarim Basement“. After having a conversation with the artist, talk to Brem and pay gold or persuade him. Either way free Oskar Fevras from his possession and proceed to convey good news to him. Once you learn about his history and romantic scandal, you can look for Oskar in Baldur’s Gate after he departs from the basement.

Visit Lady Jannath

Not far from Baldur’s Gate, opposite to Flerrathin’s Home; go to Lady Jannath’s Estate. Interact with the butler Tarhun Mnemonis and explain that you have business with Oskar. Defeat the Poltergeists who are crawling in the mansion everywhere. Advance forward to the third floor where Oskar and Jannath can be found in “Jannath’s Estate- Bedroom“.

Oskar would be possessed, so once you are engaged in battle; defeat the poltergeists. The invisible poltergeists will flash after they attack, so you can deal AOE damage to them with your spells or attacks.

Torch Of Revocation

Next, you will need to find Mystic Carrion’s Servant in Philgrave’s Mansion which is another quest located in North-West. After you pass Felogyr’s Fireworks, enter and explore the area. Obtain Torch Of Revocation from Mystic Carrion. If you have already obtained Torch Of Revocation then drop it from your inventory and equip it to update the Journal.

Destroy The Cursed Portrait

Advance to the top floor where “Jannath’s Estate- Atelier” is located. Be prepared to fight against a bunch of Poltergeists and Tormented Souls on your way. Once you have reached the Atelier, break the Wooden Wall. Equip the Torch Of Revocation and interact with the “Painting of a Smiling Maiden“.

Echoes Of Lost Love

Finally, go to the Bedroom where Oskar will be haunted by her echoes of lost love. Interact with her and see how the story unfolds. Once she is at peace, talk to Oskar in Atelier which will ultimately complete your portrait and quest.

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