Baldurs Gate 3- Investigate The Suspicious Toys Quest Guide

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, once you have arrived in “Rivington“, advance toward “Arfur’s Mansion” which would be near the Rivington teleport waypoint. There would be a small commotion outside his house which is unmissable. Talk to Arfur and gain insight into what is going on and why Arfur is furious. The answer to the question is he doesn’t want anyone to know what he has in his basement. To complete the quest, you will need to collect sufficient evidence and defeat a bunch of foes. In this post, we have explained how and what evidence you need in order to let Arfur submit and speak everything.

Investigate The Suspicious Toys Quest Guide For Baldurs Gate 3

First thing first, we need to find the entrance of the basement which is obviously hidden from the plain eye. So, you will have to do some heavy lifting and clear the Wooden Crates i.e. placed next to the study table. Enter the hatch and make sure you disarm all the traps inside “Arfur’s Basement” to avoid any sort of damage. Even Heavy Chest will be trapped so make sure to disarm and unlock it.

The chest will contain a Blackmail Letter i.e. Evidence Number 1. It will direct you to where the package will be i.e. Felogyr’s. Advance towards the “Requisitioned Barn” and make your way inside to check the donations. At the end of the room, you will find a crate that requires to be disarmed as it carries explosives i.e. Evidence Number 2.

Note: If Arfur is dead, you can use the skill "Speak with Dead" on his corpse to progress your quest.

Teleport to “South Span Of Wyrm’s Crossing” as Arfur will be found inside “Sharess Caress“. Confront him with all the evidence you have gathered and ultimately, he will give in and tell you everything including the pass, granting you access to the Lower City. Next, enter Felogyr’s Fireworks. Teleport to Heapside Strand if you have unlocked the waypoint and make your way towards Felogyr’s Fireworks.

Sneak into the top floor and defeat the organization or all the guards inside to complete the quest and stop the suspicious toys from distributing. Once you have engaged in combat, the battle will end when everyone is defeated.

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