Baldurs Gate 3- How To Clear Cave-In Rubble & Free Nere

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, each area has minor and major items which we have obtained that will work out in any instance of the game. The major question that has arisen in the community is that the quest to free Nere is time limited. If you are late then you will notice that the rubbles would be cleared and the only thing hanging around would be Nere’s body. So, how to clear the Cave-In rubble before time runs out?

How To Clear Cave-In Rubble And Free True Soul Nere In Baldurs Gate 3

In Underdark- Grymforge, you might notice a few Gnomes working on Cave-In rubbles. Approach and talk to Sergeant Thrinn and other workers to learn about the situation. You will need the Explosive to clear the Cave-In rubble. One more thing is that this quest has a time limit as mentioned earlier which means you can only take a long rest once or else the poison will consume Nere and his lifeless body will remain when you find him after the trouble you had gone for rescuing him. The body will be available to loot.

There are multiple ways to clear the Cave-In rubble, first, if you have gunpowder or smoke powder stored in your inventory already, then you can use it to clear the rubble instantly. If you lack the explosives, then follow the quest and search for the hideout to talk to Philomeen who will give the Runepowder Vial that will be used to remove the Cave-In rubble. Use any Fire Cantrip or spell to ignite the explosive and Nere will be rescued. Finally, if you are struggling or lack a little bit of damage then Eldritch Blast can do the trick.

After Rescuing True Soul Nere

Once you rescue the True Soul Nere, there will be choices that certainly lead you to huge combat against the entire camp. As Nere is a criminal and seeing how unlawful he is, you can decide to kill Nere for good. Selecting or opting to kill Nere will initiate combat against him and Duergar’s soldier. The fight is tough but once you succeed to defeat everyone, move and convince Elder Brithvar to free the slaves.

There is another approach where instead of fighting alone with your party members, you can call for backup. During your conversation with Elder Brithvir, he will ask you whether you want to earn gold. Accept his request to jump on Neer together. Once you rescue Neer, you will have the option to signal Elder Brithvar i.e. “That’s your cue, Brithvar. It’s time you got paid.” This time the Dwarves will be fighting alongside your party.

However, if you aid Nere and side with him, then you alongside Nere would have to punish or kill the camp. Duergar will be loyal to you and the fight will start against Elder Brithvar and his group of rebels. Even Myconid Colony will be hostile as you have betrayed them and aided their criminal.

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