Baldurs Gate 3- Where To Find Zevlor In Moonrise Tower

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, each character and NPCs have significant importance to how your story will unfold. Zevlor is an NPC whom we have to search for at Moonrise Tower according to the quest log. However, if you are still searching for him in Moonrise Tower and unable to locate him then this post is just for you to guide you through to where he is.

Where To Find Zevlor In Moonrise Tower At Baldurs Gate 3

Once you have defeated Ketheric Thorm in the Moonrise Tower, you can proceed ahead to find Zevlor who is imprisoned in the Mind Flayer Colony. The entrance of this said dungeon is at Hollow Tower in Moonrise Tower where the tentacle came out to attack Dame Aylin which is underground.

Make sure you have a strong party synergy as fast travel will be blocked or restricted inside the Mind Flayer colony. Zevlor and others would be imprisoned inside the mind flayers escape pod. To release them, you will need to reach Tadpoling Centre and interact with the Neural Apparatus.

There would be three choices i.e. “Release“, “Purge“, and “Leave the pods be“. Choosing to “Release” him will initiate combat against Mind Flayers where the released NPCs will assist you in combat. For more informative guides on Baldur’s Gate 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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