Papers Please All Endings List & How To Get Them

Papers Please

As you undertake the job of an immigration officer, the game “Papers, Please” confronts you with a one-of-a-kind challenge: navigating the maze of different outcomes that await you. Your mission within the state of Arstotzka is to rigorously inspect those crossing over from Kolechia. The tapestry of possibilities gets more complex and varied as you wield your authority to govern this passage. This guide serves as your lighthouse, illuminating the paths to every conceivable conclusion in the enthralling world of “Papers, Please.” With our detailed “Papers, Please” Endings Guide, prepare to be immersed in a world of challenging decisions and intricate narratives.

When getting into the intricate world of “Papers, Please,” a fascinating array of 20 distinct endings awaits your discovery. Each ending demands the fulfillment of specific prerequisites, adding layers of complexity to your choices. Some endings may unpredictably emerge, influenced by your gameplay decisions. The path to uncovering all the endings lies in the continuous evolution of your gameplay experiences. To track your progress, keep an eye on the white dots that punctuate the day selection screen, serving as markers of your journey.

Papers Please All Endings List & How To Get Them

Ending 1: This outcome is triggered when the inspector’s financial balance plunges into debt, leaving a negative balance as the day concludes. This scenario can occur on any day ranging from 1 to 31.

Ending 2: This ending materializes when the inspector’s entire family succumbs due to the absence of basic necessities such as food, heat, or medicine. This somber conclusion is possible between days 4 to 31, adding a poignant dimension to the game’s narrative.

Ending 3: To access this ending, you need to interact with M. Vonel, the M.O.I. investigator, when he visits the booth on day 12. When he inquires about The Order of the EZIC Star, provide him with the EZIC documents given earlier by Corman Drex and an EZIC messenger. Although the ending can be achieved on Day 12, the documents are furnished to the inspector on days 8, 9, and 10.

Ending 4: This multi-day ending unfolds over four days, commencing from day 11. A peculiar individual delivers 1000 credits to the inspector at the day’s end. You’re faced with a choice: to accept the money or destroy it. Opting to burn the money prompts the man to return on day 12 with 2000 credits. If the inspector chooses to retain money on either of these two days, the corruption is reported, and all your savings are seized on day 13 following an inquiry. On day 14, EZIC intervenes to obstruct the investigation, but if you deny entry to the agent within the state, the inspector is apprehended at the beginning of day 15, culminating in this ending. Although the ending unlocks on day 15, the events leading to it trigger on day 11.

Ending 5: This ending surfaces if the inspector employs a sniper rifle to harm a bystander. The sniper rifle is accessible from day 23 onwards, thus enabling this ending’s activation from day 23 onward.

Ending 6: Activating this ending involves the inspector utilizing a tranquilizer gun to injure a bystander. The tranquilizer gun is available from day 16 onwards, allowing this ending’s initiation from day 16 onward.

Ending 7: Unlock this ending by having the inspector use a sniper rifle against a guard. The sniper rifle becomes available from day 23 onwards, making this ending accessible from day 23 onward.

Ending 8: Trigger this ending by having the inspector employ a tranquilizer gun against a guard. The tranquilizer gun becomes accessible from day 16 onwards, enabling this ending’s activation from day 16 onward.

Ending 9: This ending is realized if the inspector employs a sniper rifle to target the man in red during EZIC’s diversion on day 23.

Ending 10: Activate this ending by having the inspector use a tranquilizer gun against the man in red during EZIC’s diversion on day 23.

Ending 11: The M.O.A. supervisor periodically inspects the booth on days 10, 20, and 30. If unofficial hangings are found on the wall during his visits, he will levy a fine and depart. If another unauthorized hanging is discovered during his subsequent visit, this ending is triggered.

Ending 12: Unlock this ending by detaining Shae Piersovska on day 25. The ending falls upon day 26 when the M.O.A. supervisor arrives, and arrests the inspector at the beginning of the day. The initial mention of the request occurs on day 20, when you’re provided with the name Shae Piersovska and instructed to allow her entry.

Ending 13: The inspector needs to have completed at least four EZIC tasks. On day 31, an assault will occur, and the inspector has to kill the lower attacker while allowing the other attacker to blow up the wall. Wait until another day to arrest the inspector for failing to guard the border. Allowing the lower attacker to live will end up in a quick death since he will toss a bomb inside the booth. This ending becomes available on day 31.

Ending 14: This ending requires the inspector to have accomplished at least 4 EZIC jobs. On day 31, the EZIC messenger will show up and inform the inspector that he must hold his fire throughout the attack. Nevertheless, if the inspector continues to shoot the invaders while the wall stays intact, the final act is triggered the following day.

Ending 15: To activate this stage, the inspector has to have finished at least 4 EZIC jobs. On day 31, an EZIC messenger is going to show up and inform the inspector that he must hold his fire throughout the attack. The ending will be triggered if the inspector shoots one of the intruders and the partition is blown up.

Ending 16: This ending occurs if the inspector escapes to Obristan alone or with a number of his family members.

Ending 17: Wait until the day 31 raid and shoot both attackers to activate this ending. The inspector shouldn’t then flee to Obristan. The inspector must also have completed a minimum of three EZIC tasks. Following the incident, the inspector has connections to EZIC for an investigation, and the ending occurs.

Ending 18: This ending occurs if the inspector escapes to Obristan with the rest of his family members. The inspector must have fraudulently confiscated a sufficient number of Obristan passports from visitors. If everyone is still healthy and the niece had been adopted, the inspector requires 6 passports & 15 credits to bring this conclusion to a close.

Ending 19: The inspector must accomplish a minimum of four EZIC jobs to activate this ending. The inspector has to hold his fire at the time of the attack on day 31 and allow the assailants to explode the wall. This will result in this ending.

Ending 20: The final ending of Papers Please demands the inspector to refuse all EZIC jobs for the next 31 days, and during the attack, he has to kill both attackers while not escaping to Obristan. The following day, he has been approved during the investigation,

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