Baldurs Gate 3 Toll House Secret Room & How To Enter It

Baldur's Gate 3

The excitement surrounding Baldurs Gate 3 has escalated, and avid gamers are eagerly seeking the easiest, fastest, and smoothest tricks to conquer the game’s puzzles. It’s worth noting that the developers have gone to great lengths to incorporate puzzles and quests into the game, creating a perfect rollercoaster of adrenaline. Dedicated fans of Dungeons and Dragons (DoD) understand that patience, wit, and a touch of logic are crucial in mastering BG3. This time, we present a straightforward guide to navigating your way into the secret room in Tolls House. To gain entry to the Toll House, you’ll need the Toll key, conveniently located on the south side of The Risen Road.

While scrutinizing the map of the Toll House in Baldur’s Gate 3, players might notice a concealed room that piques their interest. Accessing this hidden area, like many others in the game, can be quite challenging. Baldur’s Gate 3 is replete with secret treasures and zones, yet acquiring all of them in a single playthrough can be elusive due to the diverse choices and abilities that shape your party’s capabilities. Nonetheless, the desire to uncover as many hidden treasures as possible is entirely reasonable.

Baldurs Gate 3 Toll House Secret Room

Within Baldurs Gate 3 lies a specific secret area that tantalizingly beckons players who venture into the Toll House Basement. Unlocking the secret door through the use of Stone Chairs can prove perplexing and potentially hazardous. So, let’s delve into the guide and open the door.

To reveal the concealed area, synchrony is vital—every Stone Chair requires simultaneous activation. Players can opt to have party members sit on the chairs or move vases onto them. However, exercising caution before entering the unlocked room is prudent. A gray floor plate must be avoided, as it poses a potential threat. For solo adventurers, it’s advisable to deactivate Group Mode to prevent companions from inadvertently triggering the gray plate while following.

If players are familiar with the Sarcophagus trap, they’ll grasp the concept, as prior traps operate similarly—remaining inert until triggered. In this instance, the gray plate at the entrance of the secret room acts as the trigger for the vents. For those who prefer to avoid jumping, a practical workaround involves placing vases on each vent and then stepping on the plate as usual. Given that the secret room has two vents of its own, strategically placing vases on these vents before stepping on the plate ensures a safe journey. Here’s a succinct breakdown of the necessary actions:

  1. Place a vase on both Stone Chairs.
  2. Deactivate Group Mode.
  3. Leap over the gray floor plate.
  4. Collect items from the room.
  5. Leap back over the gray plate.
  6. Reactivate Group Mode.

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