Baldurs Gate 3- How To Get, Open & Give Necromancy Of Thay

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, there are various classes and spells but the one that stands out would be Necromancy spells. The very first spell you can possibly obtain would be to speak with the dead via an item or after obtaining the book known as “The Necromancy of Thay“. This key item invokes a questline i.e. required to open the final page of the book. To learn everything from beginning to end we have dedicated this post for the Necromancy Of Thay.

How To Get The Necromancy Of Thay In Baldurs Gate 3

Once you enter the Blighted Village from any possible entry, you will need to open and enter through the door i.e. next to the teleport waypoint. Enter the cellar through the wooden hatch behind the bar counter. Find the hidden lever i.e. present behind the wooden crates. Displace the wooden crates and press the lever which will reveal a hidden passage.

Advance forward and save ahead before interacting with the Mirror. Once you answer the mirror successfully and enter the room, there are much more challenges yet to overcome. Disarm the traps and collect the Rusted Key found in one of the chambers inside. Unlock the chamber and collect the book “The Necromancy of Thay“.

How To Open The Necromancy Of Thay In Baldurs Gate 3

Travel back to the teleport waypoint in Blighted Village and climb down via Well. Investigate or Throw a coin in the well to check the condition. Climb down the well and be prepared to have a tough fight against the Phase Spider Matriarch in Whispering Depths. Destroy the Phase Spider Egg in advance before engaging against Spider Matriarch to make the fight easy. Once you complete the fight, there would be a Dark Amethyst placed on the floor below which you need i.e. essential to open the Necromancy Of Thay.

Who To Give The Necromancy Of Thay

Once you go to the Campsite and unlock The Necromancy Of Thay, there would be multiple choices you will be given. Check out the outcomes of each choice i.e. explained in the following:

Open the book.

Both Gale and Astarion will disapprove of your action. If you made successful rolls in all the dialogue checks ahead i.e. 10, 15, and 20 respectively, you will gain the trait “Forbidden Knowledge” which grants +1 Wisdom check and the ability to Speak with the Dead once after having a Long Rest. Though there is a necklace with the same ability i.e. “The Amulet of Lost Voices“.

Drop the tome, ready to destroy it.

If you select this option, the book will be dropped from your inventory. To destroy it, you will need a Radiant damage spell i.e. Guiding Bolt that Shadowheart possesses. However, before selecting this option, make sure you are prepared to commence battle against 3 Shadow who has high physical resistance. Do not engage in battle against it pretty soon when your party is weak, rather hold onto the book and destroy it later.

Give the book to Astarion.

If you give the book to Astarion, he will greatly approve of your decision whereas Gale will disapprove. He would need to find something that might give him an edge over his old master Cazador or grant him freedom from his master’s grasp. This would play a huge role in Astarian’s ending.

Give the book to Gale. (currently bugged)

In early access, there was a dialogue that allowed you to let Gale have the book when you knew or didn’t know the secret about his condition i.e. he has to consume Artefacts. Apart from that you can still gain inspiration after reading a page and interacting with Gale. After reading the last page and interacting with Gale will give you Inspiration.

Final Page Of The Necromancy Of Thay

If you give the book to Gale, he will be delighted and greatly approve of your decision as his condition requires him to absorb the artefacts. The quest required to follow in order to open the last page would be “The Wizard Of Waterdeep“. Even not, if you are intrigued to open the last page, you will need to travel to Sorcerous Sundries.

Climb the stairs to go a floor above and move to the left side after unlocking the Metal Door, there would be a Clasped Book on the shelf. Interact with it to reveal a secret portal that will lead you to the Sorcerous Vault. Advance forward through the Oak Door and lockpick “Ramazith” to go ahead into the “Silverhand” door.

Next, go to the “Evocation” door and enter the “Wish” door to activate the lever. Make your way back to the starting room i.e. Silverhand, and move forward to where the door will lead you to “Elminster Vault“. Inside the vault, you will finally get hold of a book known as “The Tharchiate Codex“. Read the book and open the Necromancy of Thay to learn its content. It will grant you a Level 5 Necromancy Spell to summon 6 ghouls.

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