Baldur’s Gate 3 Noxious Fumes How to Clear Poison Gas In Tunnel

Baldur's Gate 3

Since its release, Baldur’s Gate 3 has generated significant buzz among Dungeons & Dragons fans and gamers alike. The game’s intricate details and meticulously crafted gaming world have captured players’ attention. Notably, BG3 presents an array of traps and puzzle-filled side quests that offer unique rewards. In this article, we present a foolproof escape strategy, complete with countermeasures, for navigating toxic fumes with minimal health damage and preserving valuable potions and enchanted spells for ultimate boss battles.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Auntie Ethel & Noxious Fumes How to Clear Poison Gas

Before delving into the gameplay, let’s provide a brief overview. Players engage in a formidable battle with the deceptively named Auntie Ethel, a boss with deadly prowess. Amidst the boss confrontation, BG3 gamers must pursue Auntie Ethel to eliminate her and free her captives. However, she leads players through a perilous path, forcing them to evade numerous traps. The challenge escalates due to the hazardous Noxious Fumes. Even experienced puzzle enthusiasts might struggle to find a safe route, realizing that the solution lies within the fumes themselves.

While a hasty sprint followed by healing seems logical, the latter part of the boss encounter proves dire. Players may exhaust all spell slots and healing potions. Igniting the gas creates a burning zone that inflicts additional harm, leaving players worse off. By tossing a readily available object over the Ruptured Stone, a visible part of the ground functioning as a vent, players can divert the Noxious Gas into other areas. Once the ventilation is sealed, there’s no need to deactivate it unless players wish to retrieve the thrown object. Alternatively, the Whispering Mask can be employed effectively, as before. Additionally, players should watch for concealed Peculiar Flowers, triggered by touch and unveiled with a Perception check. Overcoming these obstacles eliminates further threats in this chamber.

Steps to neutralize the noxious fumes:

  1. Use a fire spell to temporarily disperse the Noxious Fumes.
  2. Avoid entering the burning zone.
  3. Locate the ‘Ruptured Stone’ object within the flames.
  4. Select a low-value object from your inventory and choose ‘Throw.’
  5. Direct the chosen object onto the ‘Ruptured Stone.’

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