Baldurs Gate 3 Explore The Ruins & How To Disable Traps

Baldur's Gate 3

Explore the Ruins, stands out as a captivating side mission that plays a crucial role in enhancing Baldurs Gate 3 gaming experience. This mission promises an enthralling journey, immersing players in the early stages of the game which are brimming with tactical encounters and strategic challenges that truly put their abilities to the test. Our comprehensive walkthrough will expertly guide you through various paths, all leading to the coveted reward at the quest’s pinnacle: the unparalleled ability to revive fallen allies, granting a second chance at victory, or the power to meticulously refine character proficiencies.

To embark on this journey, start at the Dank Crypt door on the Ravaged Beach, conveniently located near where you disembark after escaping the Nautiloid Ship of the Mind Flayers. However, prior to this, it is crucial to ensure that your magic users have access to a sufficient number of spell slots to utilize a range of Baldurs Gate 3 spells that can be of assistance. Additionally, it’s important to equip your characters with essential items including magical gear, healing potions, weapons, and armor. Taking a brief break before entering is also recommended.

Baldurs Gate 3 Dank Crypt Entrance

The primary entrance to the Dank Crypt can be accessed through the “Ancient Door,” positioned next to the Overgrown Ruins waypoint at the northeastern end of the Ravaged Beach. While initially locked, the door can be opened with a successful lockpick check using the appropriate tools. Upon entering the Dank Crypt through the Ancient Door, your attention will be drawn to a prominent Sarcophagus ahead. Observant characters may identify Grease traps scattered around the room, marked in specific locations. Furthermore, they might notice a button on an eastern pillar, requiring another assessment of perception.

How To Disable Trap

The trap operates as follows, with corresponding countermeasures: Opening the sarcophagus grants you the “Engraved Key” and “The Watcher’s Guide,” a mystical spear that offers an advantage when targeting enemies narrowly missed. However, triggering the trap releases grease from all vents, followed by hot darts being fired from the walls in the subsequent round of turn-based combat, igniting the grease. These grease vents continue to release grease at regular intervals.

Countermeasures include:

  • Pressing the pillar button when the trap is activated.
  • Using a disarming toolbox to deactivate the vents individually.
  • Blocking the vents with objects to prevent the escape of grease.
  • Using the “destroy” spell to extinguish the fire and clear the oil from specific areas temporarily.

Moving on to the adjacent chamber, a wealth of treasures awaits, including:

  • A gilded chest on the eastern side contained a coveted Ruby Ring.
  • An adjacent tome titled “On Death & Resurrection” offers intellectual engagement.
  • Another chest on the western side yields a substantial sum of 20 Gold.
  • A corresponding opulent chest opposite, housing a trio of spell scrolls to enrich your arcane repertoire.

Continuing your journey, you’ll enter the “Bedchamber” through the West door, encountering an ornate door with mysterious sounds on one side but no apparent means of unlocking it. After passing through the North Heavy Oak Door, be sure to loot everything from the fallen Entombed Warriors and Entombed Scribes. Even seemingly insignificant items should be collected for now, as you can always discard them later. Explore the small room on the west side, read “The Book of Dead Gods,” and open the heavy chest to find spell scrolls. Don’t forget to loot the sarcophagus for a Soul Coin. Returning to the main room with the statue, carefully examine the northwest corner to spot a button upon a successful perception check. Pressing the button opens a door, prompting the Entombed dead to come to life. Since you already collected their loot, dealing with them becomes more manageable.

After defeating the foes, proceed through the opened door to discover a concealed tomb. Opening the Heavy Chest unveils 93 Gold and “The Amulet of Lost Voices,” an invaluable item enabling the use of the Speak With Dead spell on deceased bodies you encounter. The final step involves unlocking the new sarcophagus, triggering a cutscene, and introducing a highly intelligent immortal named Withers.

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