Baldurs Gate 3 Strange Ox Which Option To Choose

Baldur's Gate 3

Baldurs Gate 3 presents an abundance of content and companions spread across intricately designed maps, guaranteeing surprises at every corner. For those new to Larian’s RPGs, these tips will steer you in the right direction. Remember that much of Baldur’s Gate 3’s depth lies beneath the surface, and you’re unlikely to uncover all its secrets during your initial playthrough. One such puzzle is the peculiar ox in Druid Grove. If you’re interested in delving further into this enigmatic aspect of Baldur’s Gate 3, read on.

Encountering the Strange Ox in Baldur’s Gate 3 might pique your curiosity about its true nature, as there is something oddly captivating about this creature. To effectively engage with the ox, the ability to communicate with animals is essential. If your character’s race in Baldur’s Gate 3 lacks this innate skill, alternative approaches can be explored. Irrespective of your chosen method, the unfolding mystery remains captivating. Uncover what transpires when you interact with the Strange Ox or leave it undisturbed, as well as the potential loot you can obtain from this distinctive Baldur’s Gate 3 non-player character.

Baldurs Gate 3 Strange Ox

Initiating interaction is the first step towards progressing with the ox. You’ll require a potion that enables communication with animals in order to converse with it. One of Baldur’s Gate 3 companions may already possess the spell in their inventory, or you can purchase a Potion for Animal Speaking from various merchants. If you opted to play as a Forest Gnome during the character creation process at the beginning of the game, you might already have this aspect covered.

Employ your potion or cast the spell as needed, then confidently approach the ox and initiate a conversation. Your curiosity only deepens after conversing with the Strange Ox, thus you need to succeed in an Arcana check before proceeding. You now have the choice between Persuasion, Deception, or Intimidation to glean more information. Choose the course of action that offers strategic advantages. Even if you successfully pass the skill check, the ox remains mysterious, divulging only its journey to Baldurs Gate. This leaves you with the option of leaving it undisturbed or opting for a confrontational approach.

Opting to attack immediately exposes you to potent acid, which could have adverse effects on your health until you reach the maximum level in Baldur’s Gate 3. Therefore, exercise caution and wait until you are fully prepared before taking this step. A sequence of forceful strikes can subdue the ox, enabling you to extract a Shapeshifter Boon Ring from its remains. This valuable item holds specific advantages, especially for allies like Halsin among Baldur’s Gate 3’s shapeshifters. It can also enhance the adaptability of party members who possess the ability to disguise themselves.

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