Baldurs Gate 3- Solution For Defiled Temple Stone Disc Puzzle

Baldur's Gate 3Baldurs Gate 3 is a party-based role-playing game that has quite a list of complicated puzzles that requires a little bit of luck and knowledge on what to do in order to solve one. At Defiled Temple when you will progress through the questline into the Goblin’s Camp, you will find that there is a door ahead i.e. closed. To unlock the door you will need to solve or rotate the four-stone disc in such a manner that you achieve the desired result.

How To Solve The Defiled Temple Stone Disc Moon Puzzle At Baldurs Gate 3

Open your inventory and inspect the Dwarf’s Poem. The context written in the poem is at the following:

A son of Selune fell here in the dark below,
And we sealed his grave in her holy glow
May the full moon never touch the stars once more,
May darkness never conquer the Moonmaiden's door

[A note is scrawled in the margins:'Found the door under the temple. Think the moons turn, but which way? A cluster of stars and lunar phases are sketched beneath.]

The solution to the puzzle is to focus and gather on all the unlit or black-colored spheres on the bottom stone disc where the moonlight is shining. Rotate the disc, the number of times as followed:

  • Left 1
  • Right 2
  • Bottom 3
  • Top 1
  • Left 3

Finally, all the unlit or black sphere which is a new moon will be gathered on the bottom stone disc. The full moon or the white-colored lit spheres will never touch the stars as told per the 3rd line of Dwarf’s Poem.

2nd Way

There is another way you can open the door. Advance towards the door and if your Perception Check is successful, you will be able to find the Lever on the right side behind Granite Bench. You will require to Lockpick. The Dexterity Check for the Sleight Of Hand would be 15 Difficulty, so you will need to roll more than that in order to successfully unlock the door. You can add the bonus to increase the odds however, to solve it traditionally you will need to solve the disc puzzle.

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