Baldurs Gate 3- Kill Nightsong Or Spare All Choices Result

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldurs Gate 3, your choices made against or for the characters you meet in the game has greater consequences. If you choose a specific dialogue and gain approval by saving them then, there are chances that you will encounter them later, or in that instance they will reveal the story and join your party. However, if you select to kill the characters then they will not be able to see the next day and it can hinder your future interactions and assistance they might have possibly provided. Therefore, in this guide, we have explained what will happen if you kill or spare Nightsong when Shadowheart meets her.

Kill Nightsong Or Spare, All Choices Result For Baldurs Gate 3

Once you locate Nightsong after a series of events, your companion i.e. Shadowheart will play a crucial role in this conversation. There are a total of 3 choices or say outcomes that can happen depending on your choice.

You Kill Nightsong Yourself

If you choose to kill Nightsong, then the quest will be completed and Shadowheart will leave your party in a state of no return. I guess players would not prefer to lose their favorite Cleric who will assist you in future danger and with whom they can possibly grow a romantic relationship ahead.

Spare Nightsong via Shadowheart

If you select to not interfere and Trust Shadowheart’s decision, this will reveal her true self who was trapped here for centuries, and continue the conversation further with more dialogue options. Finally revealing that she is one of Selune’s daughters. Sparing her will allow you to get a weapon “Moonlight Glaive” as well as grant assistance in the storyline ahead.

Kill Nightsong via Shadowheart

If you select and vouch to let Shadowheart kill Nightsong, she (Shadowheart) will be turned into a Dark Justiciar as warned or prophesized by Nightsong in the path of duty. Consumed by the darkness, she will receive the Level 4 Necromancy Spell “Beckoning Darkness“, Shar’s Spear of Evening, and Dark Justiciar Armor and equipment set. However, there will be no involvement or sign of Nightsong in the future.

It is recommended to spare Nightsong as you would not want Shadowheart to turn dark by selecting the path of duty instead of the path of light. You can save the progress beforehand if you want to experiment with the new gear and spell if you want to go into the dark path so that you can return back to where it all started to go awry.

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