Remnant 2 Unlock Alchemist Archetype & Obtain Mysterious Stone

Remnant 2

Players are showcasing exceptional creativity in combining different classes and archetypes in Remnant 2, making it one of the most enjoyable co-op experiences this year. Among the varied classes available, the Alchemist stands out as one of Gunfire Games’ most distinctive offerings, providing access to an array of potent skills. Let’s delve into this secret archetype and explore its potential.

Remnant 2 Alchemist Archetype

The Alchemist offers players the choice of an offensive or defensive play style, utilizing a diverse range of skills. One of the Alchemist’s most advantageous abilities is the Elixir of Health, which continuously heals anyone within its cloud. This skill not only provides general support but also enables players to rescue fallen comrades while remaining agile and evading approaching enemies. Additionally, players can use various vials with unique effects in The Alchemist, either breaking them at their feet or sharing them with allies. When these vials are activated, they release a beneficial cloud that grants the bonuses to friends within its radius.

How To Obtain Mysterious Stone

To unlock the Alchemist archetype and add it to your team, follow these comprehensive steps:

Step 1: Begin your exploratory expedition in the remnants realm of Remnant 2, which is set in the gothic-style metropolis of Dran, situated within the expansive Losomn region.

Step 2: Thoroughly search the Ironborough district of the city until you find a distinctive sewer grate with a unique bend and two central bars. Stand close to this peculiar structure, effectively triggering the appearance of the Bone Collector, a renowned character known for ensnaring unsuspecting individuals and transporting them to its cryptic lair.

Step 3: If your initial encounter with the Bone Collector is unsuccessful, diligently approach other sewer grates until the Bone Collector acknowledges your presence.

Step 4: Once you find yourself within the Bone Collector’s lair, prepare to face a wolf-like enemy with augmented strength beyond that of common street-level adversaries. Engage in combat, using your tactical prowess and skillset to defeat the enemy and claim your coveted reward, the Mysterious Stone.

Step 5: Return to the secure confines of Ward 13, where you can adeptly utilize the Mysterious Stone to exchange it for the Philosopher’s Stone, which unlocks the enigmatic Alchemist Archetype. This unique privilege requires the expenditure of 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1,000 Scrap.

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