Remnant 2 Summoner Archetype Unlock, Skills & Perks

Remnant 2

The passionate fanbase of Remnant 2 is eagerly exploring the secrets of the game, particularly the hidden archetype of Summoner. Alongside the five disclosed classes, players have unlocked five more, making the Summoner a coveted choice for those seeking a new challenge. This article will delve into what the Summoner class entails and how to unlock its full potential.

Unlocking the Faded Grimoire in Remnant 2

The key to unlocking the Summoner class lies in acquiring the Faded Grimoire. The Bloodmoon Altar, which remains present in Yaesha regardless of campaign rerolls, holds this mysterious artifact. Players must face multiple Remnant 2 bosses to reach the altar to obtain the Faded Grimoire.

Once you reach the Bloodmoon Altar, you can purchase various items, including Remnant 2 weapons and armor, at different costs. The Faded Grimoire, specifically, requires 15 Bloodmoon Essence to acquire. You can obtain Bloodmoon Essence by shooting down floating pink orbs scattered throughout the game. These orbs only appear during a blood moon phase, which occurs randomly while exploring. It is advisable to collect enough Bloodmoon Essence whenever you encounter these orbs.

After obtaining the Faded Grimoire from the Bloodmoon Altar, promptly deliver it to Wallace in Ward 13. Wallace will then craft the Faded Grimoire into the Tome of the Bringer engram, granting access to the Summoner class in Remnant 2.

The Summoner’s Special Summons

As a Summoner, you have access to specific summons, each serving unique purposes. Here is an overview of the Summoner’s minions:

  1. Flyer – Summons a Root Flyer minion that costs 10% of the Summoner’s maximum health. The Flyer minion can be summoned twice and, when sacrificed, deals 50 damage to nearby enemies and launches three homing rockets, each causing 150 damage upon impact.
  2. Hollow – Summons a Root Hollow minion that costs 15% of the Summoner’s maximum health. You can have up to two Root Hollow minions active simultaneously. Sacrificing a Root Hollow minion causes it to explode, dealing 150% damage to enemies within a two-meter radius and reducing skill downtime depending on the minion’s remaining health.
  3. Reaver – Summons a Root Reaver minion that costs 35% of the Summoner’s maximum health. Only one Reaver minion can be summoned at a time. The Root Reaver minion inflicts 200 damage to enemies within a six-meter radius and spawns Spore Bombs, which bounce and explode upon contact with enemies, dealing 200 damage each. The Reaver minion’s remaining health can also reduce skill cooldowns by up to 50%.
The Summoner Perks in Remnant 2

Choosing the Summoner archetype grants you several powerful perks, which set this character apart from others in the game:

  1. Incite – Using a relic triggers a potent boost for the Summoner’s minions, increasing their maximum HP by 5% per second and raising their damage output by a significant 15%. This effect lasts for an impressive duration of 30 seconds.
  2. Dominator – With an active minion, the Summoner gains a substantial 3.5% increase in mod and skill damage. Additionally, sacrificing a minion provides a temporary 3% enhancement in ranged and melee damage, lasting 30 seconds or until another minion is summoned. This effect scales with the Summoner’s level.
  3. Ruthless – The Summoner’s damage inflicted on their minion triggers the Enrage effect, empowering the minion with a remarkable 30%-50% boost in damage, attack speed, and movement speed.
  4. Outrage – Sacrificing a minion grants the Summoner an impressive life steal ability of 3% for each minion sacrificed. This lifesteal lasts for ten seconds, offering a valuable source of self-sustain.
  5. Residue – When a minion’s lifespan ends, it leaves behind a beneficial 3-meter aura that heals allies for 2.5% of their health per second for ten seconds. This aura provides crucial support and rejuvenation during intense battles.

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