Baldur’s Gate 3- How To Save The Brain, All Choices Explained

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldur’s Gate 3 once you escaped from the Mind Flayer’s pod at the beginning and make your way forward by exploring and looting, you will come across a room where the voice will echo in your ear. After moving up to the source of the sound, you will find a sedated body of “Myrnath” lying on some type of operating device with his brain exposed and still active. The main question is whether you will trust him and do as told or do you have any other intention? In this guide, we have explained what will happen in both cases.

How To Save The Brain And Add Him As An Ally In Baldur’s Gate 3

Use the Neural Apparatus to move up and go talk to the source of sound i.e. Brain. Talk to him generally without harming any part of the brain. Select these options:

  1. I think you’re past the point of saving. Tell me what to do.

Next from these available choices;

  1. [Investigation] Inspect the exposed brain.
  2. [Strength] Break the skull.
  3. [Dexterity] Gently prise the brain from the skull.
  4. Destroy the brain.
  5. Leave.

Select any option which requires a successful roll so make sure you have saved before interacting with it. Any unsuccessful role will omit other options and leave you with 4 and 5 options. Select any options except 4 and 5. Furthermore, you will have an opportunity to cripple the creature but it is not wise to debuff your ally who has a decent HP and damage. Select, “Spare the creature- any injuries might weaken it“. Further select, “All right, let’s go“. Now you have a powerful ally who will accompany you to the helm.

What Will Happen If You Mutilate The Brain?

If you select to mutilate the Brain, the dexterity roll might be successful or unsuccessful. Both have different scenarios and consequences. If you have an unsuccessful die roll, the brain will get hostile toward you and combat will start. Whereas a successful die roll will allow your character to befriend “Us” however resulting in debuffing your ally which is not wise.

So, the only favorable option is to save Brain and advance forward as it is fairly easy to find companions in your journey that can provide helping aid. Choices are obvious that you require allies as you might know when you will encounter strong bosses. Any help is appreciated!

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