Baldur’s Gate 3- How To Highlight Objects And Items

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldur’s Gate 3, we have a detailed and immersed world where it is hard to keep track of what objects are interactable and lootable. Sometimes we can miss the chance to loot specific racks, chests, or bodies during the gameplay. As the body piles on top of each other, it becomes quite difficult to maneuver your mouse and select each body to check. Similar to other RPG games, we have an option that highlights almost all if not all the objects in the world or area you are in.

How To Highlight Objects And Items In Baldur’s Gate 3

By default, the button to highlight objects and items is set to the “Left Alt” button. However, you can switch the button to your preference by going into the Options—–> Keybinds—–> Show World Tooltips.

It is usually a nice advantage and practice to have a tool that simplifies looting and highlighting important objects. However, there are a few objects or items that are not highlighted individually but collectively and unless you hover your mouse, the object will not be highlighted individually.

Enjoy the vast and multiple realms by encountering help from all around the world during your expedition and journey on removing the parasites. For more informative guides on Baldur’s Gate 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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