Baldur’s Gate 3- How To Free Shadowheart And Add As Ally

Baldur's Gate 3In Baldur’s Gate 3, once we complete our character customization, the story unfolds which shows us that we have been abducted by mind flayers and infected with some kind of parasite. First and foremost we need to escape the Nautiloid and on our way, we will encounter other strangers who will accompany us in the journey. Similarly, Shadowheart who is trapped in the mind flayer pod will be asking for help. Would you release her?

How To Free Shadowheart And Add As Ally In Baldur’s Gate 3

After defeating the Imps, in the next room, there is a survivor Shadowheart and if your answer is to rescue her then you will need to search for a way. Talk to Shadowheart and next to her there would be a contraption or a control panel that is interactable.

Select, “Look for a switch or release.

You will notice that there is an empty socket. Leave the panel and move forward as you need something that fits in that socket in order to release Shadowheart. Move forward to the next enclosed room, instead of going towards the helm. You will find a dead body, search for it! There would be an “Eldritch Rune” in its possession. Take and insert it into the contraption’s empty socket to power up the console.

Before proceeding, it is recommended to save the progress as things might get very unlucky for you. While opening the pod, you will be given a dice to roll, and the difficulty for the [Illithid] [Wisdom] class is 2. However, as we told you can get super unlucky and roll less.

Once you have rescued her, she will accompany you through the ship and she has nice spells that will definitely help you fight against Commander Zhalk. Make sure you help defeat the Commander in order to loot his weapon “Everburn Blade” and escape. Later, Shadowheart can be found unconscious in Ravaged Beach in the same area where you have dropped down. She will thank you for rescuing her and gaining approval.

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