Baldur’s Gate 3- How To Defeat Commander Zhalk & Get Weapon

Baldur's Gate 3Commander Zhalk in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the first elite commander or boss that you will encounter while going for the Main Quest i.e. “Escape The Nautiloid“. He will be the final obstacle of your Prologue that you will need to overcome in order to teleport out of safety from the crashing spaceship. However, the boss is optional, so you can run away or defeat him in order to get a powerful bonus loot.

How To Defeat Commander Zhalk And Get His Weapon In Baldur’s Gate 3

Bosses have high hitpoints and high damage-dealing capability in the game. There will be 15 turns remaining before the nautiloid crashes which seems to be sufficient until his ally will be summoned from the other room to help prevent you from escaping. The Level 8 Commander Zhalk has a HP of 150 and dealing non-significant and inconsistent damage with your character and allies will seem to be a futile attempt to overcome his presence alone.

To be able to defeat Commander Zhalk, you must have rescued the Shadowheart who was trapped in the pod. The High Half-Elf Cleric possesses a wide range of powerful spells that will aid and turn the battle in your favor. Mind Flayer and Commander Zhalk will be busy dueling with each dealing consistent damage to each other. Buffing Mind Flayer with “Shield Of Faith” and hitting Commander Zhalk with “Sacred Flame“, and “Guiding Bolt” is one way to win the battle. Surround him with your allies and dish out as much damage as you can with a lower hit chance as each damage counts.

The problem arises when your turns hit 9 as 2 Cambion will spawn each to the battle that too has high HP compared to the main character. Your work is to eliminate all the enemies forward and make a clear path for any of your allies to connect the transponder. Make sure your allies don’t die as they might not spawn in the world ahead. Once you defeat Commander Zhalk and gain experience for defeating him, make sure you loot the early game powerful Greatsword “Everburn Blade” and get out of the Nautiloid as quickly as you can.

After hitting the ground safely, you can equip the weapon on your main character that might seem powerful enough at the beginning and make your journey tireless. For more informative guides on Baldur’s Gate 3, click on the link that has been mentioned below the description:

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