Remnant 2 Unlock Invader Archetype & Find Dreamcatcher

Remnant 2

Players entering the enigmatic world of Remnant 2 are in for a plethora of surprises, including its beautiful graphics and the addition of 10 archetypes. Five archetypes are presented to players by default, while the other five remain hidden, waiting to be uncovered. The choice of archetype at the beginning of the game holds significant importance as it determines the unique abilities and playstyle that players will adopt throughout their journey. Nevertheless, players are not confined to their initial selection; they have the freedom to switch to another archetype later on.

By utilizing a specific item corresponding to the desired archetype, players can seamlessly transition from one class to another, unlocking a whole new set of skills and enhancing their versatility on the battlefield. This flexibility allows players to adapt their approach, experiment with different strategies, and unleash the full potential of each archetype.

Remnant 2 Invader Guide

In this article, we will highlight a unique archetype known as the Invader. The Invader archetype takes center stage as a master of deception and elusive maneuvers on the battlefield. This highly specialized character brings a unique skill set that confounds enemies and bolsters their team’s advantage. Masters of misdirection, Invaders deploy cunning decoys to divert enemy attention away from their allies, creating opportunities for strategic strikes. But that’s not all – their arsenal includes enhanced damage capabilities, allowing them to strike with deadly precision when the time is right. What sets the Invader apart is their ability to reduce threat generation and tactical depiction, making them less likely to draw the attention of adversaries and enabling their team to thrive in the chaos of battle. To add to their enigmatic prowess, Invaders gain temporary invincibility by bending the fabric of space-time to their advantage, turning the tides in their favor.

Remnant 2 How To Unlock Invader Class

To unlock the formidable Invader Archetype, players must craft the coveted Engram known as the Serrated Root Blade. To begin this process, players need to visit the area of Marrow Parish in the Losomn location. In order to keep your progress safe and unlock the Invader Archetype, it is recommended to reroll the area in adventure mode.

Once in Marrow Parish, players should look for three dolls. The first doll is located in the first-floor room with a nurse enemy. The second doll can be found outside near the shed, and the third doll is on the third floor. Reaching the third floor requires players to open the shed and face a boss. Upon defeating the boss, players will obtain the key to access the third floor.

From the third floor, players need to jump outside the window and make their way to the end of the balcony. Here, they will find the Prison Cell Key. In the basement, you will find a locked prison cell where you need to hand over the dolls to obtain the safe code and then open the door with the prison cell key. With the code in hand, you can now open the safe on the first floor. Then can return to the third floor and locate a portal door that will lead them to Nimue’s Retreat. At this point, players should talk to Nimue and choose the option “I am ready, send me to Nightweaver Hunting Ground.”

Remnant 2 How To Get Dreamcatcher

In the new location, Forsaken Quarter, players must find a door with an exclamation mark and follow it to the end to find a wraith near a corpse. There, they will discover the soul key tribute, which will allow them to remove cobwebs. After obtaining the tribute, players should return to the basement of the Asylum and visit the prison cell where the doctor was locked up. Inside the cell, they will encounter a lot of cobwebs that can be removed using the Nightweaver Stone Doll, ultimately granting them access to the Dreamcatcher.

Now head over to the Root Earth, where a grand open arena awaits near the Corrupted Harbor’s small checkpoint. At this location, adventurers will discover a mystical Amulet named the Escalation Protocol, signified by a mesmerizing blue particle effect. Carefully wield the Dreamcatcher at this sacred spot, granting access to the consumable, Walker’s Dream.

Consuming this powerful essence allows you to confront the fearsome Bane, whose defeat rewards you with the coveted Wooden Shiv. Return to Ward 13, where Wallace, a master craftsman, awaits to assist you. Present him with the Wooden Shiv, and he will masterfully forge the Invader Archetype Engram, granting you access to the elusive Serrated Root Blade.

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