Remnant 2 Engineer Class Location & How To Unlock

Remnant 2

Remnant 2 is known for its captivatingly mysterious gameplay, offering unique surprises like secret classes or archetypes, which cater to different playstyles for both solo and co-op players. Among these hidden classes, the Engineer class stands out as one of the most significant.

The Engineer archetype in Remnant 2 revolves around using powerful turrets that can be manually directed or set to fire automatically. However, engineers need to stockpile heavy weapon ammunition to keep their turrets functioning effectively. To unlock the Engineer class, players must venture to specific regions and be in particular spots. The hidden class spawns on the globe of N’Erud in the second biome, The Eon Vault.

Remnant 2 How To Unlock Engineer Class

Once you teleport to his location, go out and take a left as shown in the image above. From there keep going straight till you find the location shown in the image below. There go through the toxic smoke and jump onto a platform to find the technician’s body plate. Jump down from the platform to find an alien device. Return to ward 13 and interact with Wallace to craft the Drzyr Caliper that will unlock the engineer class for you.

As players level up, they can add Perks to their Archetypes, which provide passive effects to enhance their battlefield efficacy. Among these Perks, Remnant 2’s High Tech Perk stands out, granting the Engineer unlimited ammunition and significantly boosting power and fire rate for a brief period. The duration of this potent effect increases and its cooldown reduces as the Engineer levels up, making it even more effective in battles.

The Metalworker perk is another essential attribute, bolstering Skill Damage and providing invaluable benefits to Heavy Weapons. This Perk also extends to improvements in Ammo Capacity and Max Health, enhancing capabilities during challenging battles. As players progress on their journey, the Metalworker perk continues to grow in power, reaching its pinnacle at level 6 and unlocking enhanced Skill Damage, elevating combat prowess to unparalleled heights.

In Remnant 2, the Magnetic Field Perk plays a crucial role when employing heavy weapons, offering damage reduction to nearby allies. Upgrades at level 7 gradually restore ammunition to teammates, significantly assisting the squad during combat situations.

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