Remnant 2 Cathedral Of Omens Puzzle & Sunshard Key

Remnant 2

In addition to exhilarating combat against a wide range of foes, Remnant 2 features an array of puzzles and mysteries that must be solved. While exploring the diverse biomes, you will encounter numerous riddles, some of which can prove to be quite challenging. The game offers various dungeons and zones to explore, presenting several puzzles along the way. One such intriguing puzzle awaits in the Yaesha region of Remnant 2, within the Cathedral of Omens—a massive metal device that functions like a puzzle with multiple solutions. This tutorial aims to guide gamers who may be facing difficulties in dealing with the metal object puzzles in Remnant 2’s Cathedral of Omens.

Upon entering the location, your attention will be drawn to a peculiar structure—a massive edifice floating above the surface, composed of numerous circles and images that require manipulation to complete the puzzle. The structure’s pieces can be shifted using levers, each responsible for different movements.

As you stand at the temple entrance, you will notice symbols and drawings on the floor. Interacting with the levers will change the floor’s structure as follows:

  1. Middle lever (close to the entrance) – Rotate two opposite circles to form a triangular pattern.
  2. Left lever (close to the open room) – Rotate two adjacent circles cyclically.
  3. Right lever (close to one of the locked rooms) – Rotate the symbols present on the floor.

By paying attention to the floor’s pattern, you’ll find that it already matches The Beginning diagram, indicating the Life sign at the lowest part and all three signs ringed. This realization means that the Cathedral of Omens problem is solved from this point.

Proceed to the room at the top of the stone steps. Inside, you’ll discover another document with symbols and illustrations, including The Calamity, The Blood Moon, and The Hope.

Remnant 2 Calamity Puzzle Guide

  1. As you enter the puzzle room, look above the door across from the entrance to spot a triangle symbol present both above the door and as a shadow on the floor.
  2. Align the triangle shadow on the floor perfectly with the triangle above the door when viewed from across the room. This alignment is crucial to unlocking the puzzle.
  3. Take note of the shadows cast by the figures of Ravager, Death, and Doe. The shadows of these three characters should have circles around them.
  4. Refer to the information from a book indicating that Death should be positioned above the triangle. Adjust the positions of the figures accordingly to fulfill this requirement.
  5. Begin solving the puzzle by using the lever at the entrance to rotate the triangle shadow on the floor until it perfectly matches the triangle above the door.
  6. Locate the lever to the left of the entrance and use it to place a circle shadow around Death, which will also cast a second circle around the Doe figure.
  7. Once all requirements are met and the puzzle is correctly solved, the door will open, granting you access to the Faith Seed Crafting Material—a valuable reward to aid you in your journey through Remnant 2’s world of challenges and discoveries.

To open the Blood Moon gate located on the right end of the puzzle chamber, players must follow a method similar to the one described above. The prerequisites are as follows, and there are two Chests outside the entrances:

Acquiring the Sunshard Key:
  1. Align the triangle shadow with the triangle above the door.
  2. Place circle shadows around the Moon and Sun figures.
  3. Position the Ravager below the triangle.
  4. The door will open, granting access to the Sunshard Key.

Players who entered the puzzle room through the Hope door can cause pedestals holding the Sagittarius Long Gun to appear in the center of the room by fulfilling the following conditions:

Unlocking the Enigmatic Door in Remnant 2:
  1. Observe the triangle shadow and ensure it aligns with the triangle above the door when viewed from across the room.
  2. Take note of the shadows of the Doe, Life, Sun, and Ravager, and place circle shadows around each of them.
  3. Position the Life and Sun figures below the triangle as indicated.
  4. Once all requirements are met, the enigmatic door will open, revealing the Sagittarius Long Gun.

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