Remnant 2 Doctor & Harvester Safe Code

Remnant 2

Embarking on an enthralling and adventurous journey through the realm of Remnant 2, players are sure to be captivated by the unmatched graphics and brain-teasing puzzles that fill this game. The experience doesn’t end there, as secret places, doors, and codes add to the excitement. In this article of Remnant 2, we aim to merge two essential secret code guides with step-by-step playthroughs to ensure your gameplay is as smooth and hassle-free as possible. So, without further ado, let’s delve into this thrilling world.

Remnant 2 Doctor Safe Code

Armed with the formidable Double Barrel handgun, you now possess a powerful weapon to confront the dangers lurking within Remnant 2’s immersive world. However, to obtain it, you need to unlock the doctor’s code. When players interact with the doctor NPC, she will sing a song containing the code “2-9-7-1.” Let’s proceed with the steps.

  1. Locate Morrow Sanatorium’s Main Floor: Start your journey in Morrow Parish and head to the Morrow Sanatorium. Once inside, navigate to the main floor, where the Doctor’s office is located. The Doctor’s office, situated behind the reception area, holds the key to unlocking the Safe.
  2. Discover the Four-Digit Combination: To open the Safe and claim its valuable contents, players must find a specific four-digit combination. Throughout your exploration in Morrow Parish, keep an eye out for the code “2-9-7-1,” as it plays a crucial role in accessing the Safe.
  3. Use the Combination to Unlock the Safe: When you encounter the Safe during your exploration, input the combination “2-9-7-1” to unveil its secrets. Inside the Safe, you’ll be rewarded with the powerful Double Barrel handgun, an invaluable asset in your quest to face the challenges ahead.
  4. Follow the Clues to Uncover the Code: Finding the Doctor’s Safe and deciphering the code requires keen observation and an ability to connect scattered clues. Begin by reaching the hallway on the left side of the Doctor’s office. From there, proceed to the Sanatorium basement, taking a left turn from the hallway. This journey will lead you to the Doctor, who is imprisoned by his own staff.

Harvester Safe Code

Now, let’s set our sights on obtaining the Rusted Heirloom Ring. By following this guide, you will successfully navigate through the dungeon, decipher the code, and unlock Harvester’s Safe, securing the valuable Rusted Heirloom Ring.

  1. Find the Dungeon in Harvester’s Living Area: Commence your quest by locating the dungeon within Harvester’s living area. Explore the surroundings until you discover the entrance to the dungeon.
  2. Discover the Room with Plans: Inside the dungeon, be vigilant for a room that contains plans tucked away in one of its corners. The presence of these plans indicates you are on the right track.
  3. Find the Hidden Room: While exploring the room with plans, you’ll notice a small opening resembling a tunnel. Crouch through this passage to reveal a hidden room that holds the key to the Safe.
  4. Search for the 4-Digit Combination Code: Once inside the hidden room, use your flashlight to illuminate the area and locate the 4-digit combination code. Examine the walls closely, as various numbers will be displayed. The real combination numbers will glow yellow.
  5. Shoot the Objects Near the Wall: To uncover the correct combination, interact with the objects attached or placed near the glowing yellow numbers on the walls. By shooting these objects, you’ll eventually reveal the correct sequence of the Code.
  6. Input the Combination – 8-5-3-1: The correct combination to open Harvester’s Safe is 8-5-3-1. Enter this sequence into the Safe, and it will unlock, granting you access to its legendary rewards.
  7. Claim the Rusted Heirloom Ring: As the Safe opens, you will be rewarded with the Rusted Heirloom Ring. Equipping this powerful Ring will grant you a defensive barrier when your HP drops to 40%, providing crucial protection during intense battles.

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