Double Dragon Gaiden Rise Of Dragons All Endings

Double Dragon Gaiden

Welcome, everyone, to the thrilling world of Double Dragon Gaiden: Rise of Dragons, the latest installment in the legendary beat ’em up series. Publisher Modus Games and developer Secret Base have breathed new life into Double Dragon with fresh rogue-lite gameplay concepts and charming chibi artwork. Rise of the Dragons’ premise is a delightful homage to the past, reminiscent of the post-apocalyptic storylines often found in 1980s arcade games.

The game is set in the grim aftermath of a nuclear war that has reduced New York City to ruins. The city’s inhabitants now struggle daily for survival amidst rampant chaos and criminal activities. As criminal gangs tighten their grip on the devastated city, two brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, take matters into their own hands to reclaim their home. However, players have the chance to experience two different endings—one “bad” and one “good”—adding an element of choice and replayability to the adventure. In this article, we will explore these two profound endings and their outcomes. Without further ado, let’s begin with the bad ending.

Double Dragon Gaiden BAD ENDING

After an arduous and extended battle against every gang in the city, the heroic saviors restore law and order from the clutches of the grim gangs. They meet with the city’s mayor for further discussions, and the mayor commends their heroic activities, inviting them to join him as the new peace enforcer to combat future crime. At this point, players can respond with a “yes” or a “no.”

If the player chooses “yes,” they will join the mayor, receiving a reward of $10,000. However, this decision leads to the imposition of stringent laws and policies for citizens, prompting both the inhabitants and gang members to come down in protest. Despite the crackdown, the gang business goes underground, signaling a potential comeback, and the heroes will face a new fight.

Double Dragon Gaiden Good Ending

On the other hand, if the player chooses the alternative “No,” the disappointed mayor reveals his true intentions to rule the big apple with an iron fist and strict laws. Anyone who doesn’t comply with his rule is considered to question his legitimacy and will face his wrath. However, considering the service of the four heroes, the mayor asks them to leave the city unharmed. This sets off a massive final fight with the mayor and his mechanical goons, including some 2nd tier boss enemies in the following checkpoint. After a fierce battle, the mayor is defeated, and the city returns to the hands of the Lee brothers, who later become known as the Double Dragons.

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