Remnant 2 Music Puzzle Solution & Decipher The Book

Remnant 2

Remnant 2 offers an immersive and thrilling adventure for its dedicated fans. Like its predecessor, Remnant 2 delivers an engaging third-person shooter experience. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to unravel the mysterious Forbidden Grove, where a captivating music puzzle awaits. Skillfully decipher notes and hints to activate the colossal harp, unlocking the pathway for an adventurous journey ahead.

In the game’s realm, players encounter various landscapes and challenges, including “The Forbidden Grove,” a mysterious location housing a fascinating puzzle centered around a colossal harp. To progress further, players must master the art of deciphering notes and hints from an ancient book, revealing the precise melody required to activate the harp’s mechanism. Once successful, a massive stone bridge will rise, granting passage to the next phase of the game.

The following guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough for approaching and solving this musical problem in “Remnant II: The Forbidden Grove.” It includes directions on how to extract the notes from the book, locate the lever controlling the harp, and the correct order to play the notes.

Remnant 2 The Forbidden Grove Puzzle Solution

  1. Reach the entrance leading to the following biome segment by climbing the flight of steps at the World Stone room. Continue on, exploring different locations if desired, until you arrive at a new portion of “The Forbidden Grove.”
  2. In this new section, find a lever near the World Stone room. Activate the lever to power the harp and unlock a shortcut back to the World Stone. Take the opportunity to rest if needed, and then examine the book in the room.
  3. The book contains essential notes and hints to play the melody correctly on the harp. You need to ignore the vertical lines and horizontal lines mean skip a row. Start from the symbol as mentioned in the image below and follow the next instruction to solve the puzzle.
  4. Return to the harp and input the notes you found from the book. Each raised pin represents a note (1) while leaving pins down creates blank spaces (0). Follow a specific order and spacing to raise five notes in total in one horizontal line. Enter one note per line, scrolling down to the next line after each pin is raised. If a line requires no notes, it will be indicated with a zero, and you can simply scroll down without raising a pin.

00001 = 1st Row 5th Pin need to be Raised
00000 = No Pin needs to be raised in 2nd Row
00010 = 3rd Row 4th Pin need to be Raised
00000 = No Pin needs to be raised in 4th Row
00100 = 5th Row 3rd Pin need to be Raised
00010 = 6th Row 4th Pin needs to be Raised
10000 = 7th Row 1st Pin need to be Raised
00000 = No Pin needs to be raised in the Last Row

  1. Pull the lever located to the left of the mechanism, and the harp will play the melody. After a brief moment, a massive stone bridge will rise, granting you passage to the next area.

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