Remnant 2 Labyrinth Guide & How To Defeat Labyrinth Sentinel

Remnant 2

In Remnant 2 after defeating Tal Ratha, you will encounter a realm called Labyrinth when interacting with a world shard or world stone. This realm is crucial for advancing in the game. Your objective is to reach the inner sanctum, which requires finding a key. Below, you will find a detailed explanation of how to navigate the labyrinth, locate the portal key, and conquer the Labyrinth Sentinel.

Please note that this guide is solely focused on completing the labyrinth area and does not include information on obtaining collectibles. You may revisit the area later to collect them.

Remnant 2 Navigating the Labyrinth

  1. Upon reaching the labyrinth, enter the purple portal and destroy the white cube attached to the center of the door. This action will reveal a path leading to a world shard, with a pedestal at its center for placing the key that opens the portal.
  2. Proceed to the right and take the stairs until you reach a platform where two paths diverge. Choose the path in front of you and enter the portal to find another world shard on your left.
  3. Continue forward until you encounter stairs on the left, leading to a locked door. To unlock the door, head right and pass through floating platforms, stairs, and a maze. There are two paths to clear the maze, left or right, but either one will do. After navigating the maze, you will come across a portal on the right and a door with a white cube on the left. Hit the white cube to unlock the door near the stairs and proceed through the portal.
  4. Upon descending from the portal, you will find another world shard. Go straight to find yet another portal that continuously glitches and displays four different locations. Your objective is to reach the location depicted in the provided image above. There, you will discover a world shard checkpoint. Beyond this point, you will face a mini-boss fight with multiple stone enemies attacking you. Upon defeating them, you will obtain the master portal key.
  5. Return to the world shard that allowed you to select the labyrinth and teleport to the Fractured Ingrass portal. Utilize the key to open a portal that will lead you to a boss fight against Labyrinth Sentinel.

How To Defeat Labyrinth Sentinel

To defeat Labyrinth Sentinel, you must shoot down the white cubes attached to all the large cubes. Four cubes will be on the ground, attempting to crush you, and four others will be floating and launching projectiles.

  1. As you enter the boss area, a large cube will approach you. Destroy both small white cubes attached to them to create a crater and protect yourself from being smashed. Next, while standing in this safe spot, eliminate all the small white cubes of all the floating cubes.
  2. Proceed towards the right side to target the remaining three big cubes’ small white cubes. The key to success lies in memorizing the pattern of the ground-based big cubes, enabling you to dodge their movements effectively and triumph in the boss fight.
  3. After defeating Labyrinth Sentinel, you will encounter the Seeker, who will reward you with a biome portal key.

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