Remnant 2- Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solution

Remnant 2Remnant 2 which is a sequel of the game Remnant: From The Ashes has not disappointed the players in any aspect in grinding as well as puzzle solving. The game allows us to explore each area i.e. ever-changing with your friend and encounter mighty enemies. Finding secret routes to uncover more powerful gears is one such mystery that can be solved after exploring the dungeon completely. Similarly, one of the areas i.e. Imperial Garden has a Crossbow hidden as a reward that requires sheer patience and exploration skill to reveal the path.

Imperial Gardens Puzzle Solution For Remnant 2

At the center of the Imperial Garden, there would be a dial that has multiple symbols or marks engraved on it. It is a simple task of exploring and finding the stone tablets that are randomly generated in the same vicinity. i.e. “Imperial Garden“. There would be a total of 4 symbols in the area that you need to find in order to input into the dial at the garden.

As mentioned earlier, the stone tablets are randomly generated so each and every other players have different symbols as well as location where you find the tablets. Once you have found and entered the symbols correctly in the dial, the floor will open revealing a secret passage to the chest and a New Long Gun i.e. “Crossbow“.

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