Remnant 2 How To Get Assassin’s Dagger & Change Into Weapon

Remnant 2

In the expansive world of Remnant: From the Ashes, your arsenal of weaponry will be more crucial than anything else. In this article, we will shine a spotlight on one formidable weapon: the Assassin’s Dagger. The Assassin’s Dagger possesses a unique ability, allowing it to deal heightened damage against bleeding foes and from behind, making it more potent during sneak attacks and ambushes. Armed with the Secret Assassin’s Dagger, you become a formidable force, capable of executing precise and devastating strikes against your enemies. Whether you favor stealth or brute force, this legendary weapon is your key to success in the ever-challenging world of Remnant 2.

How To Get Secret Assassin Dagger in Remnant 2

  1. Visit the Council Chamber:

Embark on your quest by venturing to the Council Chamber located in the realm of Losomn. As you step inside, you’ll encounter a council comprising three members, one of whom has betrayed the One True King.

  1. Solve the Puzzle:

Immerse yourself in the mysterious ambiance of the chamber, exploring its intricate details until you come across a grandiose magic mirror. Enthralled by its allure, you are compelled to enter the mirror world through an enigmatic portal. Within this ethereal realm, you’ll face a challenging puzzle centered around the council emblems. Your task is to collect all three emblems and place them precisely based on their corresponding real-world seats, cunningly reflected below the mirror world’s ethereal images.

  1. Obtain the Assassin’s Dagger:

The Assassin’s Dagger, though obtained from the One True King, remains a quest item rather than a wieldable weapon. However, it holds the key to unlocking a far more lethal and sought-after artifact—the Secret Assassin’s Dagger.

  1. Craft the Secret Assassin’s Dagger:

Your next step leads you to seek out the skilled craftsperson, Nimue, a master of arcane arts residing within the game’s vast world. Carrying the Assassin’s Dagger in hand, you approach Nimue, requesting her expertise in transforming this intriguing relic into the coveted Secret Assassin’s Dagger. Under her meticulous guidance, the metamorphosis begins, and as the process unfolds, the Assassin’s Dagger is reshaped into a lightweight and stealthy blade of unparalleled lethality. The Secret Assassin’s Dagger possesses a unique attribute that inflicts amplified damage against bleeding enemies and those vulnerable from behind. With its deadly charge attacks, the dagger can induce enemies to suffer the grievous effects of bleeding, further intensifying its formidable power.

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