Remnant 2- How To Farm Blood Moon Essence

Remnant 2Blood Moon Essence is one of the essential resources in Remnant 2. It’s a rare material that can be tricky to collect, but it’s necessary for crafting strong weapons and armor. The Blood Moon Essence is used at the Bloodmoon Altar so, it is very important to be prepared before the encounter and collect all the resources such as Scraps and Lumenite Crystal along with the Blood Moon Essence.

How To Farm Blood Moon Essence In Remnant 2

Spawn at the start area of Yaesha. When you enter the region for the first time, you will notice that among many monsters there is a particular species that fly and looks like a purple wasp or orb when the Blood Moon is out. Once you shoot them, the Blood Moon Essence will float into your inventory in Remnant 2.

You can repeat this process by proceeding into a Dungeon and coming back to the same location as it resets the respawn. However, the number of spawns can vary. Furthermore, the number of checkpoint reset to bring out the Blood Moon is also tiring as it is a rare event. Make sure you craft the gears to survive before crafting other miscellaneous things such as Faded Grimoire.

A Faded Grimoire is one of the essential materials that you need to craft and deliver it to Wallace in Ward 13. Next, craft Tome of the Bringer which requires a Faded Grimoire, 10x Lumenite Crystal, and 1000x Scraps in order to unlock the Summoner Class.

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