Remnant 2- All Lament Puzzle Solution And Decipher Book

Remnant 2In Remnant 2, we don’t only have to worry about the monsters and strong worthy enemies, instead, there are a bunch of challenging puzzles that require patience and a collective brain to overcome each and every obstacle. If you’re tired of failing at this puzzle, don’t worry! This post will guide you to the last chamber. Follow the mentioned steps in order to solve all the Lament puzzles successfully.

All Lament Puzzle Solution For Remnant 2

Once you enter the Lament, you will be welcomed with three passage that all consists of the trap that involves an arrow. Dodge and smoothly cross through the area while crouching. Once you have passed through the traps, collect the chest, and pull the lever to open the door in order to enter the second chamber.

The second chamber has a bunch of symbols engraved on the wall near coffins or deathbeds. The symbols might vary for everyone so make sure you search for the note that will be found near the skeleton. It will be efficient to unlock the door on the top floor in order to access it easily from the entrance of the room.

How To Solve The Lament Grave Or Dial Puzzle

Once you have the note or book and unlocked the door on the top floor for easy access, make sure you follow the pattern. There would be a bunch of bodies wrapped with clothes and you have to match the clothes pattern with the given pattern on your notes. Note the engraved mark i.e. found on the specific deathbeds.

There would be a total of 4 engraved patterns that you need to memorize or look for. rotate the dial and secure the marks in order to solve the puzzle room and unlock the next chamber. In this current chamber, you may or may not encounter enemies. If you have encountered the enemies then, you will be eligible to unlock the final door via a special quest item.

The quest item i.e. “Kolket’s Razor” which can be further interacted with to reveal a Kolket’s Key. In the room where is a checkpoint, there is a hidden passage hidden behind the vase and pillar. In the sewer, you will find the Supply Room Key. Advance forward and use the Supply Room Key to unlock the door. Before unlocking the door, unlock the shortcut by climbing through the stairs.

Once you have unlocked the chest and collected its content, move forward through the buzzsaw trap room and loot the chest to obtain the “Red Widow” set.

Where To Use Kolket’s Key

To use the Kolket’s Key, you will need to backtrack to the grave or coffin room, and through the shortcut that you opened at the top floor, proceed forward until you reach a dead end with a floating platform. To reveal the path you can shoot on the ground to see whether the bullet is passing or not. Once you confirm the route, stand on top of the floating rock and look over the symbol. Once you have confirmed the symbol, make sure you follow the route where a symbol is marked on the floating rock.

Proceed ahead in the same manner to the final door and unlock it via Kolket’s Key. Make sure you do not miss the hidden treasure at the top. The route for it will be next to the door entrance i.e. the wall corresponding to where the chest was placed outside.

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