Yet Another Zombie Survivors Happiness Guide

Yet Another Zombie Survivors

Yet Another Zombie Survivor is a top-down survival game developed by Awesome Games Studio. With little time to catch your breath, the zombie game throws you right into action. Similar to different action roguelike games, it has a similar vibe. It adheres to the precise model established by earlier auto-shooters, in which you control a squad through an isometric world while concentrating on dodging the swarms of opponents that are coming at you faster and faster. It’s difficult to stay off-screen in this game, so just know that going into it. This will continue to keep you in place. A bonus that increases happiness points can occasionally be obtained, but many players are unaware of its benefits. There is no official description of this statistic in the game. In this article, we’ll talk about the happiness component and how it might benefit you.

Yet Another Zombie Survivors Happiness Guide

In Yet Another Zombie Survivors, you’ll invest training points towards stats such as endurance, charisma, strength, intelligence, and agility as you level up your characters. Happiness, on the other hand, is a stat that is run-specific, implying it will reset each time you begin a new match. In Yet Another Zombie Survivors, happiness as we said, serves as a run-specific stat that, in other games, is essentially synonymous with luck. Happiness controls how frequently protection and health deteriorate.

Players can enhance their Happiness during each encounter by locating and unlocking special yellow chests that offer the option to buff Happiness. While it is not mandatory, it’s recommended to select the Happiness option for players aiming for longevity and increased Health and Protection items throughout the match. Players will encounter a choice between Happiness and another upgrade during each match, and opting for Happiness, especially early on, maximizes its positive impact on gameplay.

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