Remnant 2 Soul Spark Location

Remnant 2

Prepare to set sail into the dystopian world of Remnant 2, where surprising plot twists and complex questlines await. In this article, we elaborate on the importance of soul sparks, their background story, and the steps to find them.

To progress in the enthralling narrative of Remnant 2, players must seek out a significant artifact – a canister holding the last glimmer of hope for an entire civilization. The game’s expansive main campaign takes daring players through diverse worlds, each with distinct tales converging on the common purpose of vanquishing the relentless Root once and for all. Among these worlds is N’erud, an eerie and desolate sci-fi realm on the brink of annihilation.

Remnant 2 Soul Spark Location

Within N’erud’s enigmatic terrain, a captivating tale unfolds, as an ethereal and haunting voice urges players to safeguard the Drzyr race, facing extinction. Their salvation lies within a sacred canister, holding the fading embers of a once-prosperous civilization. Players must first embark on a quest to unearth the second unexplored realm within N’erud, achieved by overcoming the initial dungeon following their prison escape. The ultimate objective remains constant – finding the soul sparks.

Main Vault

To begin your quest for the elusive Soul Sparks, follow these steps:

  1. Speak with the mysterious voice in the gas to trigger the mission.
  2. Traverse the Abyssal Rift to reach either the Hatchery or the Putrid Domain dungeon.
  3. Exit the dungeon to find yourself in the Eon Vault region.
  4. Locate the main vault, whose position may vary in different playthroughs. The design of the vault will be the same for all players. So Basically you need to find the vault shown in the image above which will be location in the Eon Vault Region.
  5. Inside the main vault, retrieve the Soul Spark Cylinder, a vital item for your mission.
  6. Be cautious of spawning enemies upon obtaining the cylinder; retreat to the airlock if needed.
  7. With the Soul Spark Cylinder in hand, proceed to the Talratha Refuge to complete this quest.

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