Remnant 2 MP60-R SMG & Ford Office Treasure Chest Code

Remnant 2

Remnant 2 has generated a significant amount of excitement among gamers, and naturally, everyone is eager to explore the game’s world and uncover its well-hidden secrets, tricks, and codes. Remnant 2 is an analytical game that demands players to think strategically and play smartly, going beyond simply following a quest line. It’s filled with secret areas, powerful weapons, and challenging boss encounters. In this third-person narrative action game, exploration is rewarded, but the randomized features of the game can make it difficult to guarantee specific equipment or upgrades. Here, we will share some early secrets that you can unlock, which will not only make your gameplay easier but also give you an edge in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 Ford Office Treasure Chest Code

Let’s start with a secret chest located in Founder Ford’s office on Ward 13. This secret is hiding in plain sight, but unlocking it requires a bit of cunning. As you proceed, you will find a key inside the chest, but reaching it requires a combination code.

However, you don’t have to scour Ward 13 in search of the code. Surprisingly, the answer has been with you from the very beginning of the game. Head into your inventory and inspect your flashlight. The developers cleverly hid the four-digit code on the bottom of the flashlight’s frame. Take note of those digits and use them to open the chest in Ford’s office. There you have it, the chest is now unlocked.

Remnant 2 Secret Weapon MP60-R SMG Location

If you’re hoping to uncover all the developer’s secrets, you need to be thorough. Step outside Ford’s office and head towards the group of shipping containers near Ward 13’s central business district as shown in the image above. If your path is blocked by a truck, you need to clear the first quest and find the soul spark.

Continue outdoors towards the partially submerged ship on the horizon and move through the opening. You might encounter an obstacle in your path, but eventually, you’ll reach a locked door. This is where the secret key comes in handy. Use it to unlock the door, enter inside, and claim one of the first major prizes: the MP60-R SMG. This gun is a fantastic replacement for the standard handgun and works well with any starting archetype. It’s not easy to find a better option for your long gun slot early in the game. The MP60-R SMG packs a punch and can be customized with a mutator and mod power once you acquire those during your playthrough.

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