Remnant 2 Give The Soul Spark To Tal Ratha Or Not Choice Result

Remnant 2

The decisions you make in Remnant 2 can directly impact the type of reward you receive, although they are rare occurrences. Moreover, these decisions have the power to completely change boss battles, introducing new mechanics or other rewards. One such pivotal choice arises during a significant main quest in N’Erud that leads to two vastly different rewards. Let’s explore the decision you’ll need to make in Remnant 2 at Tal Ratha. You will have to decide between eliminating Tal Ratha or allowing yourself to be consumed by him in the region of N’Erud in Remnant 2. This guide will outline the advantages of each option and how to access them, providing you with a clearer understanding of the consequences to aid your decision-making process.

When you first arrive in N’Erud and find yourself at the Forgotten Prison, you’ll encounter a being outside the glass who will ask you to deliver Soul Sparks to him. By locating and returning these Soul Sparks, you’ll be put in contact with the N’Erud World Boss: Tal Ratha.

Upon encountering Tal Ratha after acquiring his Soul Sparks, a profound conversation unfolds, delving into existential themes such as free will and immortality. He presents you with two options: either you allow him to consume you for eternal life, or you refuse, leading to a confrontation where he must eliminate you. The decision you make will determine the path you take, influencing the boss fights and rewards that await you in the immediate future. Choose wisely, for your choice holds significance in shaping your journey ahead.

Remnant 2 Hand Over The Soul Spark Or Not Choice Result

If you decide to confront Tal Ratha and engage in combat, you will face a fight within his chambers. You need to dodge his attacks and shoot the glowing orbs he throws at you. While not overly challenging, it demands caution and strategy to emerge victorious. Be sure to conserve your stamina, as its depletion can prove detrimental. On the other hand, if you choose to allow him to consume you, you will confront his Metaphysical form. This form presents a slightly higher level of difficulty, though it remains well within the manageable spectrum of encounters found in the game.

For defeating Tal Ratha in his ordinary form, you will receive the Spiced Bile material, which you can take to McCabe to craft the Nebula pistol. This weapon resembles a tiny flamethrower and includes a mod that allows seeker shots to be fired. Additionally, by slaying his Metaphysical form, you can obtain the Acidic Jawbone, which can be used to create the Gas Giant melee firearm.

In conclusion, the decisions you make during this quest in Remnant 2 can greatly influence your gameplay experience, affecting both the boss battles and the rewards you receive. Take the time to consider your options carefully, as they hold substantial weight in shaping your journey throughout the game.

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