Jagged Alliance 3 Free Mercs & How To Obtain Them

Jagged Alliance 3

In Jagged Alliance 3, players often face the challenge of accumulating a lump sum of money by completing quests and waiting for funds to add mercenaries to their team. However, there are strategic approaches to recruiting skilled mercenaries without spending too much. Let’s delve into the details of Flay, Larry, and Smiley, and learn how to have them aid your team effectively.

Jagged Alliance 3 Free Mercs

Flay – The Vital Specialized Resource:

Flay proves to be a valuable mercenary with a large inventory, a potent sniper rifle, and exceptional marksman skills. Notably, he doesn’t require a weekly salary, which reduces the financial burden on your team. There’s no need to wait for him to arrive at Ernie Island or any nearby port; he will be available right away. However, keep in mind that Flay has a habit of using trophies to track his killings, which might not sit well with fellow mercenaries. Nevertheless, his skills in dealing with enemies from a distance make him an invaluable specialized resource for any flexible team.

To recruit Flay, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have a team member with Wisdom points above 90. You can achieve this by grinding to increase Wisdom or hiring a Mercenary with high Wisdom Attribute.
  2. Visit the sector C5 Poacher Camp, eliminate the enemies, and approach the camp leader, Hyena Gilbert. He will share his troubles and inform you about Flay, his former companion, who is now hunting poachers. Hyena will ask for your assistance in stopping Flay’s hunt.
  3. Explore the vicinity to locate the bodies of three poachers. The first body can be found to the east of the camp, while the remaining two are in the B4 sector.
  4. Interact with the third corpse, and Flay will appear before you. Initiate a conversation with him.
  5. Persuade Flay to join your team through effective dialogue choices and negotiation.
Larry – The Fantastic Explosive Expert:

Larry excels as an explosive expert, but he has mastered other skills as well. Use him wisely and avoid assigning him tasks that require subtlety. However, he does an excellent job of placing explosives and can be a valuable resource when utilized properly. To add him to your team, follow these steps:

  1. Provide Larry with the Metaviron medication he needs to recuperate.
  2. Head to the F7 sector, Camp Savane, which is filled with foes, so be prepared. Completing side tasks can reduce the number of defenders. Be cautious of mines located towards the west of the map while exploring the camp. Employ a team member skilled with explosives for protection. After clearing the area, you can communicate with Larry.
  3. If Larry isn’t feeling well, undertake a medical examination to determine if he has amnesia. If necessary, use Metaviron to heal him.
  4. To further enhance Larry, visit the Sanatorium located in the H12 Zone (Hospital icon) and start an operation. This quick process will greatly increase his flexibility, dexterity, understanding, and marksmanship. Keep in mind that he will sacrifice part of his health for these improvements.
Smiley – The Must-Have All-Rounder:

Recruiting Smiley is essential if you’re seeking an All-Rounder category in your Jagged Alliance 3 team. While hiring and renewing agreements with mercenaries can be costly, Alejandro “Smiley” Diaz is available as a free mercenary. Despite having decent stats, Smiley is unquestionably a good investment. To hire him, you need to win a difficult battle at Boss Blaubert’s mansion, which is the culmination of a series of quests.

Here are the steps to recruit Smiley:

  1. Accept Boss Blaubert’s quest to rescue Luigi from the Good Place.
  2. After successfully rescuing Luigi, he will express his desire to seek revenge against Blaubert. Now, you have a crucial decision to make – choosing sides in this conflict.
  3. Head to Fleatown La Bou and speak with the Priest to uncover Smiley’s hidden location.
  4. Prepare for facing enemies as you embark on the mission to rescue Smiley.
  5. Defeat all enemies and successfully rescue Smiley. This leads to the most challenging part of the mission – aiding Smiley in defeating Blaubert and his men.
  6. Engage in a fierce battle to assist Smiley in overcoming Blaubert and his men. This will require strategic planning and effective use of your team’s skills and abilities.

With Flay, Larry, and Smiley in your team, you’ll have a diverse and skilled squad ready to conquer the challenges of Jagged Alliance 3. Utilize strategic recruitment and consider each mercenary’s abilities to ensure success in the war-torn world of Grand Chien.

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