Jagged Alliance 3 Best Merc

Jagged Alliance 3

Jagged Alliance 3 offers a satisfying blend of complex yet accessible tactical combat on almost every mission. With its extensive squad customization options and diverse playstyles, leading a group of distinctive mercenaries through turn-based takedowns becomes even more rewarding. In the tumultuous world of Jagged Alliance 3, the President of Grand Chien has mysteriously disappeared, leaving the nation in chaos due to the rise of the paramilitary group, “The Legion.” As a military leader, you are enlisted by the President’s family to hire skilled mercenaries and lead them on a mission to locate the missing leader and restore order to the country. Your strategic prowess will be put to the test as you carefully select soldiers to join your team at the outset of this captivating adventure. Prepare for intense battles and tactical challenges as you work towards bringing stability back to the embattled nation. In this article, we will enlist the best mercenaries you should have as a beginner or in general, for a smooth game.

Strategic Choices

From the beginning, strategic choices are vital in Jagged Alliance 3. Assemble a team of at least 3 mercenaries, ensuring you cover key roles such as a Medic, Mechanic, and Explosive Expert. Be mindful of your finances, as hiring mercenaries for a two-week contract is generally more cost-effective than shorter terms. Money is a valuable asset in this war-torn world, and wise financial management is crucial to success. Prepare for intense battles and tactical challenges as you lead your mercenaries to locate the missing President.

Jagged Alliance 3 Best Mercs

In Jagged Alliance 3, choosing the right mercenaries for your team is crucial for success on the battlefield. Let’s meet the skilled specialists available for recruitment:

  1. Fox (Medic) – A proficient healer with a unique Teaching ability, granting a 10% XP boost to the entire squad.
  2. Livewire (Mechanic) – Possessing the highest mechanical stat among available mercenaries, she can effortlessly repair or disarm any mechanical device encountered in the field.
  3. Wolf (All-rounder) – Before becoming a mercenary, Pete “Wolf” Sanderson worked as a paintball operator for an extraordinarily rich clientele. Although his background may not be the most outstanding, he possesses a broad range of skills and will be useful in various situations.
  4. Barry (Explosive Expert) – Highly skilled in disarming traps and hacking devices, and also benefits from a free move after using a shotgun or throwing grenades.
  5. Hitman (Marksman) – With the highest Marksmanship stat, expect superior accuracy and more successful headshots, making him a formidable long-range asset.
  6. Raider (Leader) – Ron “Raider” Higgens, a former SWAT squad commander and seasoned combat veteran, gained notoriety after he single-handedly prevented a container ship from being taken over by Somali pirates. Raider is a capable Leader class mercenary who ranks among the top in his field.
  7. Magic (Mechanic) – As a highly skilled mercenary, Earl “Magic” Walker received numerous Worldwide Mercenary Awards, namely “Best Dressed” & “Fastest Fingers.” Magic is a top-tier infiltrator and specializes in mechanic work, but he has a wide range of skills, making him suitable for any assignment given to him.

Assemble your team strategically and make the most of each mercenary’s unique abilities to overcome challenges and bring stability to the war-torn land of Grand Chien.

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