Dave The Diver Infiltrate The Sea Blue Base

Dave the Diver

Dave The Diver is an indie game that combines the thrilling exploration of the deep sea with the exciting challenges of running a sushi restaurant. As a player, you’ll embark on captivating underwater adventures, uncover hidden treasures, and encounter fascinating sea creatures. But the excitement doesn’t end there – you’ll also dive into the culinary realm as you manage Bancho’s Sushi, striving to create mouthwatering dishes and build a prosperous empire. In this article, we’ll simplify the mission of infiltrating the sea blue base in Chapter 6. It’s going to be an easy run, so follow this guide for the smoothest gameplay.

Dave The Diver Chapter 6 Infiltrate The Sea Blue Base

The mission begins after completing your shift at the sushi bar in Dave The Diver. Cobra, your close contact, will ask you to come onboard for a new mission and take you to the boat, signaling the start of a thrilling infiltration mission. Equipped with specialized gear, you will dive into the water and follow a scouting drone. Cobra reveals the plan: you are to track and follow the scouting drone, which holds vital information. The stakes are high because failure to remain undetected could jeopardize the success of the mission. However, there’s a catch – you find yourself unarmed, forced to rely solely on your wits and agility to maneuver through treacherous waters filled with aggressive aquatic creatures. But your primary objective is to avoid drawing attention from the drone by maintaining a safe distance. If you get too close, the drone will detect your presence and initiate scanning. Evade its field of vision to ensure a successful mission.

Inside The Base

After successfully infiltrating the base, you will notice a dramatic change in the surroundings. The controls for movement remain the same, but you now have additional abilities such as crouching (S key) and jumping over obstacles (SPACEBAR). Use these new mechanics strategically to overcome the challenges ahead.

Start by taking cover behind the first box and patiently observe the guard’s patrol pattern. Time your movements carefully to follow the guard from a safe distance as you ascend the stairs. Be cautious as you reach a junction where you’ll encounter a security camera and a stack of boxes on your left. Timing is crucial here – you must wait for the camera’s field of view to shift away from your position before proceeding. Seize the opportunity to swiftly move beneath the boxes, remaining hidden from the camera’s gaze. Once the camera moves again, quickly take cover behind the next box on your left, ensuring you are out of the guard’s line of sight. Follow the guard from a safe distance as you continue ascending the stairs, maintaining stealth and avoiding detection.

At this point, the mission becomes more challenging. As you advance to the right, you will come across a guard blocking your path. Observe his movements closely and shadow him carefully until you identify an opportunity to slip into the freezer located in the background. Inside the freezer, remember that time is limited. You can only remain inside for a short time before the extreme cold becomes life-threatening. Monitor the guard’s movement pattern and make your exit when he turns away. Once you emerge from the freezer, be prepared for immediate action. A security camera and another guard are positioned to your right, posing a potential threat. Employ precise timing and agile movement to evade the camera’s surveillance and silently maneuver past the guard. Seek refuge in the next freezer to maintain your cover and continue your mission.

Upon entering the freezer, be patient until the guard and the camera are no longer in your path. Once the coast is clear, proceed up the stairs to reach the final floor. As you navigate towards the left, you will notice a Ration on the floor, which may spark a familiar reference for some players. Feel free to share your thoughts on this reference in the comments section.

Notably, there are no further guards obstructing your progress. Enter the small room and collect the mechanical part, an essential item for your mission. Prepare for an exhilarating cutscene showcasing Dave’s exceptional tactical infiltration skills. After the cutscene, you will safely exit the premises and return to the boat.

The following day, Dr. Bacon will visit and inform you of an exciting development. You can now upgrade your Diving Knife, enhancing its combat capabilities. The upgraded Diving Knife inflicts greater damage, ensuring more efficient encounters with adversaries. Furthermore, when the Diving Knife reaches its maximum level, it gains the unique ability to mine ores without requiring a separate pickaxe. This upgrade opens up new possibilities for resource gathering during your underwater expeditions.

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