Dave The Diver Beluga Whale & Stone Slab Relic Guide

Dave the Diver

In the enchanting world of Dave the Diver, players will encounter numerous captivating mysteries and hidden treasures. One notable feature is the presence of ancient stone slabs, enigmatic artifacts that hold valuable clues unlocking forgotten knowledge.

During their underwater journeys, players will face the intriguing challenge of locating the elusive Beluga, a majestic and enigmatic creature. Joining forces with Ramo, players embark on a quest to search for the lost Beluga Whale within the depths of the Glacial Area. This location presents a profound challenge, featuring a complex maze that complicates the creature’s whereabouts. For the sake of brevity, we will focus on the locations in this article.

Dave The Diver Beluga Whale Location

To begin the quest for finding the whale in Chapter 6: Melting Glacier of Dave the Diver, players will encounter a crucial mission triggered by Ramo’s conversation with the guards. They learn that Ramo’s Beluga Whale is lost in the Glacial Area, prompting them to embark on a rescue mission. Before venturing forth, it is crucial to ensure that players meet the requirements and have sufficiently upgraded equipment to withstand depths of 500 meters. The Beluga Whale’s location lies on the left side of the map. Once you reach the glacial area, dive and head towards the left side. From there, you will find a single path leading downward. After descending a bit, you will encounter two paths—one towards the left and the other towards the bottom. Continue going down and then take a right to find the Beluga whale.

Upon discovering the Beluga Whale, players will find it poisoned by an octopus. Dave quickly identifies the octopus, leading to a thrilling chase through the maze. During the pursuit, the octopus creates obstacles by dropping icicles and releasing poison. Players must maintain pace, as allowing the octopus to escape too far will result in mission failure. Upon reaching the octopus, players face a crucial decision: whether to catch it or let it go. Based on their choice, they will receive various items that are crucial for administering the antidote to the ailing Beluga Whale. Successfully applying the antidote leads to the Beluga’s recovery, marking the completion of the mission.

Dave The Diver Ancient Stone Slab Relic Guide

Next, we will provide a comprehensive walkthrough to guide you toward the stone slab relic. Talk to Niamo in the temple after returning to the Sea People Village. Suwam will accompany you and open the door for her. Once Suwam has cast the spell, enter the new space. You will encounter a first mechanism that needs to be pushed through. In the next section, wooden spikes protrude from the floor and ceiling; continue past them to find more.

Repeat the process of avoiding the spikes. Eventually, you will arrive in a larger room with two movable mechanisms. When you move one of them, there will be background movement. Think of this portion as a pinball game, where the goal is to shatter the ice by making the ball fall into the middle. You can attempt this as many times as you like. Click the button next to the left-hand mechanism to release the rock. Once the ball hits the ground and breaks the ice, you will be allowed to descend. In the next area, there isn’t much to do at the moment, but later on, an opportunity for pictures will appear in the bottom right corner. If you turn left, you will find a large statue. Once again, you must adjust the mechanisms to mimic the positions shown in the statue’s backdrop photos. We will demonstrate how to place the statue in that position.

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