Dave The Diver- Where To Find The Missing Beluga

Dave the DiverHave you heard of Dave the Diver? If you haven’t, let me tell you, he’s a diver on a mission. In Chapter Six, Dave’s mission is to find the missing Beluga Whale. The hunt for the Beluga takes place in a glacial maze and is challenging for even the most experienced divers. But, with Dave on the job, you know it will be an exciting adventure! In this blog post, I’ll guide you through how to find the missing Beluga with Dave by your side.

Finding The Missing Beluga In Dave The Diver

To begin your search for the missing Beluga, you need to leave the underwater palace and head to the glacial maze. Once there, swim immediately to the left until you come across an opening. Herein begins the challenge of navigating the maze.

As you navigate the maze, keep hugging the ceiling, which wraps across and downward. The missing Beluga can be found in the 515m ocean depth inside the same maze you are in. The maze is not complicated once you know the depth you need to search for.

Swim down along the right route until you can make another right turn. You’ll find the missing Beluga on the other side of the passageway. Sadly, the creature is lying unwell on the ground, and you must act fast!

Upon closer inspection of the Beluga, a white Antarctic Octopus will reveal itself as the culprit for harming the creature. Dave then pursues the creature before it disappears. Will Dave be able to catch the octopus and save the Beluga? The answer lies within you as you sweep the ocean floor and collect the antivenom.

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