Dave The Diver- Find The Vortex And Klaus Location

Dave the DiverDave the Diver is an adventurous game with steep difficulty spikes that await players, and one of the toughest of those is Klaus, a powerful Great White Shark that can make your challenge to complete “Revenge Time” even harder. To successfully defeat Klaus, you must first find the location of the Vortex, which is a tough task. This blog will guide you through everything you need to know to find the Vortex in Dave the Diver and win your battle against Klaus.

Vortex And Klaus Location For Dave The Diver

Step 1: Getting The Quest From Clara

To find the Vortex and take on Klaus, you need to get the quest from Clara, an elderly lady who wants to seek revenge on the shark that claimed her husband’s life. You can find this quest on the far right of the game map. Klaus only appears on stormy nights, so waiting for the proper weather and time of day is crucial before looking for it.

Step 2: Finding The Vortex

The Vortex is located in the ocean’s depths, and it may take some time to find it. It is situated at around 25 meters average depth, but you might also find it as low as 50 meters. Once you encounter it, interact with it, and you will be engulfed in it and taken to the dangerous bout against Klaus.

Step 3: Preparing For The Battle

Defeating Klaus is not an easy feat. This mighty Great White Shark is intelligent, cunning, and incredibly powerful. It is advisable to ensure that you have fully upgraded your character’s equipment and health before going up against Klaus. For instance, upgrade your scuba tank’s duration or buy a high DPS gun and diving suit to improve your chances against this vicious shark.

Step 4: Be Alert And Attack Defensively

Remember that the stakes are high. Once you have completed the quest and arrived at the vortex area. Ensure safety during the battle against Klaus. Look out for his quick attacks and dodges, and take cover behind the debris at the sides to avoid his mighty maw. Attack the shark with your gun when you can. When the shark is busy creating a vortex in water with his mighty fin, make sure that you go under him as it is a blind spot from where you can deal damage easily.

Step 5: The Final Blow

Once he is agitated, you are finally ready for the last standing after outlasting Klaus with your speed, agility, and defensive attack measures. Stay focused and relentless, rev up your gun, aim, and shoot at Klaus. This shot will take your powerful enemy down, and you will complete the quest victoriously.

Finding the Vortex and Klaus in Dave the Diver might seem challenging, especially if it is your first time. You must equip yourself with the right weapons and techniques to triumph over Klaus and complete the quest. So, try these tips: find the Vortex using Clara’s quest, prepare for the challenging fight, attack and dodge Klaus’ rapid advances, and deliver the final blow. By sticking to this approach, you will successfully defeat Klaus and emerge victorious in the exciting world of Dave the Diver.

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