Dave The Diver- Where To Find Humboldt Squid

Dave the DiverDave the Diver is a challenging game that requires a player to use skill, strategy, and patience. The game is full of obstacles, and players must navigate dangerous environments to achieve their objectives. One of the most challenging parts of the game is finding a Humboldt Squid. This giant creature requires a unique approach, and players must know where to find it in order to capture it successfully.

Where To Catch Humboldt Squid in Dave the Diver

At Blue Hole, there are schools of fish that are still untouched. Humboldt Squid is an ingredient that has a higher rank which requires a skillful chef to prepare an absolute profit-making delicacy. To capture a Humboldt Squid you will require to dive into the sea at night as it is mentioned in Marinca’s entries that it can be shot at night. In the beginning, you can only dive in the morning and noon but once you advance through the story, you will be able to dive once per night eventually.

At a depth of 30-100m, you will be able to find the Humboldt Squid after searching at Blue Hole. Make sure you invest upgrades in your Diving Suit and Harpoon as those are absolute necessities. When you dive at night, you will have chances to capture other rare and exotic ingredients that can earn you a fortune. However, 1/3rd time of sushi restaurants will be exhausted in this process.

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