Dave The Diver- Where To Get Jade Pedestal

Dave the DiverDave the Diver is a popular video game character who explores underwater caves and discovers hidden treasures. One such treasure is the Jade Pedestal, a rare gem players have searched for in the glacial zone. This blog post will explore how to find the Jade Pedestal with Dave the Diver.

Where To Get Jade Pedestal The Jade Pedestal In Dave The Diver

The Jade Pedestal is located in area 3 of the glacial zone. To get to this area, you must have passed the other two areas of the glacial zone. These areas have their own challenges, but with Dave’s experience, you should be able to navigate them without too much trouble. Once you reach Area 3, you can start your search for the Jade Pedestal.

No special weather conditions are needed to find the Jade Pedestal so you can dive at any time. The Jade Pedestal is located at the top right of the final ice room. This room is often overlooked because players assume it is a dead end. However, with Dave’s expertise, you can navigate through the room and find the Jade Pedestal.

To reach the final ice room, you must pass through a cave where you did a Co-op puzzle with Suwam. Once you have completed the puzzle, you can return to the cave. In this cave, some eels and fish only spawn when you are alone. Starry Skate can be found hiding in the same chamber.

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